Conflict Resolution

  • course details
  • Dates and time: 6 – 8:30 p.m., two evenings per week, October 2024 (dates to be announced), registration in September
  • Location: Online, instructor-led live sessions
  • Number of sessions: 6 sessions
  • Instructional fee: $895, reduced fees available (see Cost section below for details)
  • Format: Zoom videoconference

Conflict and tension impact your professional and private life. Unavoidably, escalation in one area leaves tangible ripples in the other. It costs your business and your wellbeing. Although disagreement and varying perspectives are a part of life, continuous conflict is neither useful nor necessary.

In this new course, participants learn to identify the reasons for conflict and gain tools to lead themselves and others out of the heat into constructive conversation.

What you will learn

  • Identify the anatomy of conflict
  • Learn the steps to resolve conflict
  • Harness the ability to facilitate heated encounters
  • Establish respect and trust as the foundation of the team/ organization

Who should attend

Working professionals, business owners, team or division leaders, managers and those involved in HR and professional development, product, process or services.

Working professionals who are in emerging roles as front-line leaders (including technical or business professionals who are relatively new to leading teams) or experienced leaders who have a need to sharpen their skills relative to team leadership and addressing new challenges.

Course content

A typical course covers the following:

  1. Session 1
    • The Rules of the Game – Willingness, fair play and tools that deliver resolution
    • Identify Facts, Validate Perspectives – Distinguish facts from experience
  2. Session 2
    • Practice lab and case study application
  3. Session 3
    • Learning to listen slowly - A powerful practice
    • Finding common ground - The core of resolution
  4. Session 4
    • Practice lab and case study application
  5. Session 5
    • Agreement that stick - Finding solutions that satisfy and resolve
    • Case scenarios - Where rubber meets the road
  6. Session 6
    • Practice lab and case study application
    • Capstone project presentations

Capstone projects are chosen by you at the beginning of the program (in alignment with the needs of your employer). Combination of the in-class training and the application of course concepts to a real-world capstone project will help increase your knowledge depth.

Student materials

  • Course materials will be provided in PDF format
  • Recommended reading will be shared in class


Lezza Steindorf

Leezá Steindorf, is an international business consultant, HR trainer, leadership coach and mediator. With a proven track record as a communication, conflict and crisis management specialist in multinational corporations, trade unions and nonprofits across the globe, Steindorf delivers potent tools and unique strategic processes for organizational transformation and professional development. She helps professionals develop cohesive team-building skills and positive organizational operations in even the most diverse and chaotic environments.

Steindorf’s programs and CORE SuccessTM system are internationally acclaimed and accredited. She is a leadership coach for the Forbes Coaches Council, is a nonviolent communication trainer and a former Tony Robbins Results coach. She holds a degree in business management and certifications as an ICF coach, trainer and group facilitator, and mediator.


The instructional fee is $895. There are limited number of seats available for employees of small businesses with fewer than 150 employees ($448), non-profits and educational institutions ($224), and for current WSU students ($90) and employees ($224). All instructional fees are per person and include a nonrefundable administrative fee of $75. See Registration for details.

The registration fee is the same regardless of residence.

Meetings and format

The course is delivered via Zoom videoconference with live instruction. To attend, you need a computer with webcam, microphone and high-speed internet.

Each Zoom session allows for live interactions with the instructor and other students via chat, web conferencing or phone, all in real time. Assignments and other materials will be available online through a web-based learning management system.

Certificate completion

  • Attend at least five of six sessions
  • Completion and presentation of capstone project