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Northwest Crimson & Gray. A magazine of Washington State University Vancouver. Fall 2018.

Spring 2019 cover story

Creating Classrooms that Reflect our Diverse Communities

As our culture grows more diverse, Gisela Ernst-Slavit is spearheading a grant to improve the way schools and teachers can support students who are learning English along with their lessons.

Creating classrooms

Spring 2019

A Guided Stroll Through the Past

See some of Vancouver's oldest historic sites with Now iTour, a self-guided, voice-activated virtual tour.

Spring 2019

Perseverance Pays Off

Emma Johnson, a WSU Vancouver junior and Cowlitz Tribe member, receives the National Udall Scholarship.

Spring 2019

Going Pro

Students looking ahead to professional careers find plenty of support at WSU Vancouver—and also create their own opportunities.

Fall 2018

Notable Alumni Award

Ashlyn Salzman has packed a lot of experiences and accomplishments into her 25 years.

Fall 2018

Discovering Opportunities

For undergraduate students research opens doors to the future.

Spring 2019

Making Paper That Tells a Story

Sometimes paper is for more than writing, printing or wrapping a gift. Sometimes paper is art.

Spring 2019

Teaching Teachers How to Learn

Through a unique partnership between ESD 112 and WSU Vancouver, aspiring teachers see how technology can inspire learning and make it fun.

Fall 2018

Building a Community of Equity

A new cultural competency professional development program is unveiled for WSU Vancouver.

Fall 2018

Fulbright Future

Alumna Imee Williams lands Fulbright scholarship to research in the Phillipines.

Fall 2018

Shooting for the Stars

VanCougs compete in a NASA engineering challenge and Spaceport America Cup.

Spring 2019

All About Hearing Loss

At WSU Vancouver, the Coffin Lab is conducting cutting-edge research on why people lose their hearing and how it might be restored.

Spring 2019

From Naval Ships to Spaceships

Clark College and WSU Vancouver gave Sarah Morgan exactly what she needed to succeed as a mechanical engineer supporting the International Space Station.

Fall 2018

Cougar Forever

Ed Little lives, breathes (and decorates with) Cougar pride.

Fall 2018

Re-Imagined Radio

Sound based storytelling for the digital age.

Fall 2018

A Vision for Growth

WSU Vancouver's 2018 Master Plan update builds on the past to prepare for the future.