Police blotter

Date Title Activity type Location Resolution
10/01/2019 Suspicious Circumstance Information/Suspicious circumstance/Female student followed Campus Report and Referral to Student Services and OEO
09/12/2019 Hit and Run Info Report of parked vehicle scrape/damage No Report (under state minimum damage)
09/06/2019 Theft II Theft II WSU Vancouver Campus Report
08/21/2019 Vehicle Collision Vehicle Collision on WSU Vancouver Entrance Road Entrance Road Assisted with drivers exchanging information
08/09/2019 Theft III Theft of Wallet Campus Report
08/08/2019 Reckless Endangerment/Malicious Mischief Reckless Endangerment/Malicious Mischief Bus Loop Report
08/05/2019 Internet Scam Rental Scam/On-Line On-Line Information
07/18/2019 Information Report Info Campus Report
06/18/2019 Malicious Mischief III Fence near Barn Cut WSUV Barn Report
06/17/2019 Theft II Theft of Golf Cart/Recovered Campus Report and vehicle recovered
06/06/2019 Malicious Mischief-Graffiti Graffiti Foot Bridge by bell Report
06/06/2019 Theft I Theft of Boat Equipment WSUV Barn Report
05/05/2019 Student Code of Conduct Possible Internet Threat-Student Code of Conduct On-Line Student Code of Conduct Investigation
05/01/2019 Theft III/Recycling Recycling Theft Facilities Stopped individuals and trespassed
04/18/2019 Found Person/Dementia Medical Assist. Campus Drove individual home