Police blotter

Date Title Activity type Location Resolution
04/22/2024 Suspicious Circumstance/Theft/Missing Property Missing/Stolen Items from VMMC Building VMMC Police report
04/19/2024 Informaion Student Harassment VCCW Student reporting ongoing issue from off campus
04/12/2024 Medical Call/Assist Medical call with Transport Campus Person assisted by EMS
04/04/2024 Agency Assist- CCSO Harassment & Criminal Mischief Green 3 and Off Campus CCSO Assisted and Student Code of Conduct/CCR Report
04/02/2024 Vehicle Collision Vehicle Collision VMMC ADA Parking Collision report
03/25/2024 Medical Call/Assist Medical call VDEN Building Person assisted
02/02/2024 Information Student Club-Information Campus Report
01/30/2024 Malicious Mischief and possible theft Vehicle damage and possible theft Green Parking Lot Awareness and report pending victim email
12/21/2023 Stolen Vehicle-Recovered Recovered Stolen Vehicle Campus Towed for owner recovery
12/06/2023 Walking Trail Confrontation Trail Harassment-Pedestrian V. Bicyclist Trails Information Report and Field Interview Notation
10/12/2023 Student Code of Conduct-Report Classroom Conduct Concern VMMC Email report to Student Code of Conduct/AWARE
10/11/2023 Vehicle Collision Vehicle Collision WSU Barn/Field Report
10/10/2023 Vehicle Collision Vehicle Collision Green 3 Parking Lot/Clark VSCI Report
10/02/2023 Theft III-On-Line Scam Email job scam-student email On-Line Report
09/29/2023 Suspicious Person Suspicious Person UB 1 and VCLS 50 Report