Police blotter

Date Title Activity type Location Resolution
04/20/2020 Attempted Theft II Attempted Theft of Cargo Trailer Campus Report
03/21/2020 Vehicle Collision Vehicle Collision 50th Ave Entrance-Gate Damage Report
02/21/2020 Malicious Mischief II Walking Bridge Railing Destroyed by WSUV Barn (Over Mill Creek) By WSUV Barn Report
02/06/2020 Burglary II Burglary of WSUV Barn WSUV Barn Report
01/31/2020 Vehicle Collision Collision Orange 1 Non-Reportable. Referral the WSP website
01/30/2020 Suspicious Circumstance Inappropriate texts Campus/ VUB Report
01/29/2020 Traffic Collision Collision Campus Report
01/14/2020 Hit and Run Collision (Non-Reportable) Non-Reportable Collision in Parking Lot Blue Lot No-Report. Referral to WSP report website
12/18/2019 Theft III Theft of Department Item Campus Report
12/10/2019 Suspicious Circumstance Suspicious mail received by student Off Campus Courtesy Report
12/09/2019 Phishing Attempt Email Phishing Attempt Campus email Report
12/09/2019 Road Rage Incident Road Rage Incident from off campus WSU Vancouver Parking Lot Referral and email report
11/19/2019 Assist-Medical Assist-Medical VLIB AMR Medical Transport
11/18/2019 Unfounded-Robbery/Assault Info-UNFOUNDED Campus Report and assist-UNFOUNDED Report
11/15/2019 Title 9/OEO Referral Info Campus Report and Referral to Student Services and OEO