Mutual assistance agreements and memorandums of understanding

The Washington State University Vancouver Police Department has statutory law enforcement jurisdiction over the Vancouver Campus. It also has “Notice of Consent” from the Clark County Sheriff's Office to patrol areas adjacent to campus. This notice covers jurisdiction, authority, responsibility and liability issues.

The WSU Vancouver Police Department works closely with local law enforcement agencies, including Washington State Patrol, Clark County Sheriff's Office, Ridgefield Police Department, Battle Ground Police Department, and the Vancouver Police Department. The WSU Vancouver Police Department has entered into local memoranda of understandings, "Regional Public Service Partnership and Service Plan" and the "Mutual Aid Law Enforcement Agreement" with all regional and State police agencies along with other mutual assistance arrangements. These agreements enable all local law enforcement and other first responders to pool resources (officers, equipment, and technology) during major events, including events that may occur on the WSU Vancouver campus.

Below is a list of the mutual assistance arrangements made by WSU Vancouver Police with other organizations;

  1. The Regional Public Service Partnership and Service Plan (MOU; area police agencies).
  2. The Law Enforcement Services Planning Council (MOU).
  3. Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center (MOU; Police Officer Training).
  4. Mutual Aid Law Enforcement Agreement (MOU; Clark County Sheriff's Office regarding Law Enforcement Mutual Aid).
  5. Fire and Emergency Medical Protection Agreement (Contract with Fire Department 6).
  6. Master Inter-local Mutual Law Enforcement Assistance Agreement (MOU; Area Law Enforcement).
  7. Mutual Aid Agreement among Washington State University, University of Washington, Western Washington University, Central Washington University, Eastern Washington State University and The Evergreen State College that addresses law enforcement situations common to all of the universities.

Clark County Fire District 6 provides Fire, Emergency Medical Services and major HAZMAT response to the Vancouver Campus.