Services for people with disabilities and special needs

WSU Vancouver has a number of resources for students, faculty, and staff with disabilities and special needs. For students, the Access Center offers many accommodations and services for students with documented disabilities. Faculty, staff, and visitors with disabilities can find support and resources through DRC- ADA Compliance and the office of Human Resource Services. The Center for Human Rights also supports the rights of people with disabilities.

Students requiring special accommodations due to a disability should contact the Access Center(VCLS 160, 360-546-9238) for assistance.

Accommodations require documentation of the disabling condition from a qualified professional (i.e., health care, rehabilitation, or counseling to establish the disability and support and inform the development of reasonable accommodations. Students needing interpreters, readers, or note takers should submit the request and documentation to the Access Center one month before the start of the term.

Students who are seeking support services from Washington State University Vancouver will be required to submit documentation to verify eligibility. Please review the documentation guidelines.

Staff policy

Washington State University is committed to providing equal opportunity in its services, programs, and employment for individuals with disabilities. The University complies with federal and state laws (e.g.,RCW 49.60) and regulations (e.g.,WAC 357-26) regarding reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities.

This policy sets forth broad guidelines for meeting reasonable accommodation requirements of state and federal laws. See this document. The reasonable accommodation process is subject to flexibility within governing law.


The University's reasonable accommodation process is designed to help individuals with disabling conditions remain in their jobs or appointments, with or without accommodations.


This policy affects all employees, appointees, and candidates for employment with Washington State University.

Persons with disabilities have the right to request and receive reasonable accommodation in all aspects of employment procedures with the University, including but not limited to application, recruitment, selection/hiring, promotion, testing, medical examinations, layoff/recall, assignments, termination, evaluation, compensation, disciplinary processes, leave, training, employee benefits including insurance, and employer-supported activities.

Reasonable accommodation

Reasonable accommodation means modification or adjustment to a job, work environment, policy, practice, or procedure that enables an individual with a disability to enjoy equal employment opportunity and that does not impose an undue hardship on the employer.

In accordance with WAC 357-26-015, reasonable accommodation may include, but is not limited to:

  • Accommodation in application procedures, testing, and interview processes; or
  • Modifications or adjustments to a job, work method, or work environment that make it possible for a qualified person with a disability to:

Perform the essential functions of the position, or enjoy the benefits and privileges of employment equal to employees without disabilities.

Access Center

Classroom Building, Room 160
Access Center

Human Resources

Dengerink Administration Building, Room 126

Center for Human Rights

French Administration Building, Room 225 (WSU Pullman campus)

  • ADA Compliance
  • Discrimination complaints