WSU Vancouver demographics

Campus enrollment

Approximately 3,400 students in fall 2016.

Campus non-student workforce profile

WSU Vancouver employs about 200 staff, 185 faculty, 80 adjunct faculty, and approximately 360 time-slip/part-time (student and non-student) employees (Due to time-slip/part-time workplace records, student employees cannot be differentiated from non-students).

Number of campus security personnel

The WSU Vancouver Police Department employs a staff of three full-time commissioned police officers, one part-time commissioned police officer, and one campus security guard. A police lieutenant acts as the police department head. The Washington State University Vancouver Police Department is responsible for the enforcement of applicable city, county, state, and federal criminal laws on the Vancouver campus.

In addition to police officers, the WSU Vancouver Police Department employs between two to five Community Service Officers (CSO's). CSO’s are typically student employees that provide basic security services on campus and work under the supervision of the police department.