Police blotter

Date Title Activity type Location Resolution
08/30/2021 Vehicle Collision Vehicle Collision WSUV Entrance Rd/Blue Lot Collision Report
08/15/2021 Vehicle Collision Vehicle Collision with sign Annex Roadway No report-minimum damage threshold not met
08/02/2021 Theft II/Vehicle Prowl/Malicious Mischief II Vehicle tire theft/vehicle prowl Green Lot #3 Report
07/27/2021 Attempted Theft III/Malicious Mischief III Attempted Theft/Damage WSUV Barn Report
07/06/2021 Theft III/Malicious Mischief III Theft III/Malicious Mischief III -Research Station East Field Report
06/09/2021 Theft II-recycling Copper Recycling Materials Stolen Facilities and Operations Report
05/11/2021 Malicious Mischief III/Hit and Run Vehicle Collision/Gate Damage/Hit and Run Back Entrance Road-159th Street Report
04/23/2021 Missing/Stolen Laptop Missing/Stolen Laptop Campus Report
04/14/2021 Malicious Mischief III Vehicle tire damage to grass/sod Bus Loop Road Report
04/04/2021 Dumping Dumping-Washer Dryer Entrance Road Placed in Disposal Area
02/22/2021 Medical Call/Assist Medical call with Transport Campus Incident Report
02/01/2021 Vehicle Prowl/Theft III & Malicious Mischief III Vehicle Prowl/Theft III & Malicious Mischief III (theft and vehicle damage) Off-Campus/Adjoining Property-50th Ave. Parking Area Report
01/29/2021 Vehicle Collision Vehicle Collision WSU Entrance Road Report
01/14/2021 Vehicle Prowl/Malicious Mischief III Vehicle Prowl-Malicious Mischief III Off-Campus/Adjoining Property-50th Ave. Parking Area Report
01/13/2021 Theft III-Theft from Vehicle/car prowl Theft from a vehicle/window broken for entry 50th Ave. Parking Area-Water Treatment Lot Report