Wifi Changes – Tuesday October 24th

On Tuesday morning Oct 24th a change will be implemented that will affect the WSU Vancouver campus WSU Wireless network. This change will enhance security and for many will be seamless. It won’t even be noticed. However on some devices once the change is implemented steps will need to be taken in order to connect to the internet using WSU Wireless.

If access to the internet is lost on the device:

  1. Go to wifi settings and “forget” WSU Wireless. The process is different for devices and if instructions are needed
    1. Google “forget wifi” device mode or operating systeml. (example: “forget wifi” iPhone 12, or “forget wifi ”Windows 11” OR
    2. Contact the HelpDesk for help. Best to walk-in CLS214 or come to Zoom instance (link on this page https://www.vancouver.wsu.edu/information-technology) for help.
  2. Search for available networks and reconnect to WSU Wireless
  3. If you are asked to accept a certificate, accept it. (some may not get asked this)
  4. That’s it!

You should be connected and able to access the internet. If not, contact the HelpDesk and we will happily help you get connected again.