Tech News and Alerts

Returning to Campus Fall 2021

Many computers have not been turned on for several months.  Here is what to expect if you have not been using your computer on campus:

Blackboard sunsets Aug. 20

If you use Blackboard, be sure to export courses you may need later before August 20. Blackboard will not be available past that date. You may create Canvas sandboxes to store your material, or store it on your computer or One Drive.

The EVITA work request system has moved to a new home

The EVITA work request system (your Expert Vancouver IT Assistant) has moved to the Jira system, which is used by the rest of the WSU campuses. By moving to this system, it is now much easier to collaborate with IT departments on the other campuses, and the members of Tech Support have already found themselves being more productive in the new system.

AppStream replaces Apporto for remote software access

WSU Vancouver IT is pleased to announce the availability of a browser-based cloud solution for students and faculty to access software. The tool is AppStream from AWS. It allows you to access applications from wherever you are, 24/7, on any device that has a web browser such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox. There is no need to download software to a local device.

Zoom recordings older than nine months to be deleted

As of Friday, Nov. 6, WSU Zoom recordings stored in the cloud will be automatically deleted nine months after the date of creation. Recordings that were nine months or older on Nov. 6 were automatically deleted at that time.