Tech news and alerts

WiFi upgrade progress in VSSC and VMCB

Early upgrades for phase 3 of the student WiFi project were completed over the past couple weeks. Student Services and the Student Resources Center plus the McClaskey Building received new 1Gbs-capable switches and new "AC" access points to immediately improve coverage, connectivity, and capacity within those buildings.

Zoom videoconferencing for WSU launches July 9

All WSU students, faculty, and staff will have enterprise licenses to use Zoom videoconferencing beginning Monday, July 9.

FireEye upgrades on workstations and laptops March 6

The WSU malware and advanced threat protection software (called FireEye) will receive its quarterly updates on March 6. This FireEye update provides WSU Vancouver computers (Mac and Windows) with the latest protection agent.

Don’t fall prey to spear phishing

WSU system wide is the target of a spear phishing campaign. Spear fishing is sending fraudulent email from a trusted sender. In this case, emails impersonating deans, directors and other supervisors on campus are being sent to direct reports asking them to purchase iTunes cards and reply with the codes.

Campus Firewall Upgrades March 13 & 14

In the ongoing effort to improve security and resilience of the campus network, there will be service and maintenance work completed on the network firewall between 6:00 – 7:30 am March 13 & 14. This work may result in intermittent minor network outages lasting just 20 seconds to a couple minutes.