Tech news and alerts

Expanded WiFi Coverage in WSU Vancouver Parking Lots

In an effort to provide internet connectivity to students on campus from the safety of their cars, WSU Vancouver IT has activated new WiFi coverage zones in certain parts of campus parking lots. Coverage is now available in these locations:

Planning for course delivery in case of campus closures

For Dirt Simple Courses Online, please go to the Training and Development page.

If WSU Vancouver were to suspend operations due to illness or inclement weather, faculty and instructors should be aware of the following recommendations: available to all WSU Vancouver students

The pilot program offering WSU Vancouver students 24/7 access to a browser-based Virtual Student Lab PC desktop experience is now available at WSU-licensed software like ArcGIS, Mathematica, MatLab, and SPSS currently available in general-use computer labs is now also available from any web browser.

Reset your WSU Network ID password with OKTA

WSU's password management system is called OKTA. If you receive an email from OKTA saying that your password is about to expire, go to to set a new password.

If you have trouble changing your password through OKTA, visit the IT Helpdesk in VCLS 225 or call us at 360-546-9770.

WiFi upgrade progress in VSSC and VMCB

Early upgrades for phase 3 of the student WiFi project were completed over the past couple weeks. Student Services and the Student Resources Center plus the McClaskey Building received new 1Gbs-capable switches and new "AC" access points to immediately improve coverage, connectivity, and capacity within those buildings.