Faculty Development Support Opportunities

We're excited to be offering these sessions, and we're thrilled to reconnect with all of you, whether through the lens of a camera or face-to-face! In the meantime, if you want to have one-on-one sessions with Academic Services, do not hesitate to reach out to Michelle Eccles and she will set you up with a team member.

Canvas Grade Book

This workshop will go into detail about how the Canvas grade books works and how to use it.

Course Analytics and Academic Alerts

This workshop will detail how analytics are used in Canvas and how they will help you communicate with students and academic alerts.

Facilitating Broader Engagement in F2F classrooms

This workshop will cover the nuts and bolts of face-to-face instruction and engagement strategies, as well as other topics. 

Panopto: Recording, Editing, Captions and Embedded Quizzes

This workshop will walk through all of the ins and outs of Panopto including recording, captioning, editing and adding quizzes to a video that can be used in Canvas courses.

Streaming Classrooms: the equipment and how to use it

This workshop will demonstrate the new equipment in classrooms that can be used in a variety of ways.

Other Resources for Online Instruction

We also have a number of additional online resources available for you. There are videos recorded by Academic Services and Canvas that are very helpful. Here is a list of those videos:

Migration of Blackboard Content to Canvas

Canvas tools and Content


Student Engagement

Other interesting tips