Faculty Development Support Opportunities

Need assistance preparing for your courses?  Our current workshops are listed below, and we are also available to schedule one-on-one sessions with you to talk about your courses.  Academic Services can provide assistance with Blackboard, Canvas, Zoom, and other services you may need.

Upcoming Professional Development Workshops

Summer 2021 "Back to the New Future Classroom"

This summer we have scheduled several opportunities for all faculty starting May 24th and continuing through June 9th.

We will cover topics including Canvas, Teaching Strategies, and Approaches to Diversifying Curriculum with a Racial Justice Lens, facilitating a return to various forms of Face to Face Instruction.  Descriptions, dates, times, and registration information is below.

Canvas Level 1

This workshop is intended for faculty and instructors with little or no experience with Canvas.  Topics will include all the basic information for building courses in Canvas.  Each of these sessions has a registration cap of 30 participants. There are two different days to choose from.

Canvas Level 2

This workshop is intended for faculty and instructors who have been using Canvas at least for the Spring 2021 term or have used it at a previous institution. Topics will include Tools, Copying Blackboard material to Canvas, Customizing a Home Page, and more.  Each of these sessions has a registration cap of 30 participants. We will also broach topics as per faculty suggestions and questions from earlier sessions. There are two different days to choose from.

Teaching and Engagement Strategies

This workshop will cover the nuts and bolts of face-to-face instruction and engagement strategies as well as other topics.  There will also be time to engage with the Academic Services team for questions and consultations.

Teaching Presence and Check-In Strategies

This workshop will cover topics including How to make sure of your teaching presence, check-in strategies the prove useful, round table discussions on best practices in classroom pedagogy, and faculty panels on teaching innovations.

Special Topics

This workshop will cover topics including using Slack to increase student community, communicating with students, and other topics as requested in previous workshops.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

This four-day workshop will provide faculty of first-year and entry-level courses extended and sustained professional development and enrichment toward increasing, enhancing, and addressing student disparities by making faculty aware of WSU Vancouver student demographics and how to integrate racial justice into curriculum in meaningful ways. Each BaCE workshop assists faculty understanding of equity-mindedness and supports implementation of culturally responsive teaching practices that have been shown to increase retention and student success—including for historically underrepresented student populations. The workshop outcome will be curriculum development. This workshop has a cap of 30 participants.

Other Resources for Online Instruction

We also have a number of additional online resources available for you. Mike Caulfield has posted a number of videos and description about topics such as Instructor Presence, Alternative Assessments, Improving your Zoom look. These topics and more can be found at Online Teaching at WSU Vancouver. And additional resources from workshops on Blended Content Studio.

You can also sign up for the asynchronous Canvas course on Blended Content Studio.  Please contact Jessica McKee or Mike Caulfield for information.

Academic Outreach and Innovation (AOI) also have extensive workshops available online on the Workshop Schedule website.

Other Great AOI Resources include:

You can contact Michelle Eccles for more information and you can also get support by calling 546-9770 and leaving a voice mail, or by sending email to van.evita@wsu.edu.

Additional topics you may be interested in are included in the list below.  Please let us know if you would like assistance or information on those topics.


Using OneDrive for Storage and Sharing

Collaborating with OneDrive

Office 365 Collaboration and Sharing


Universal Design For Learning

Accessible Documents

Accessible/Affordable Videos


Getting Started with Blackboard or Canvas

Organizing Your Class in Blackboard or Canvas

Course Tips and Tricks

Quizzes with Blackboard or Canvas

Accessible Courses


Preparing Your Class for a Campus Closure

Video Tools and Zoom