VPN changes coming November 5, with some related network downtime

In the evening of Friday November 5, beginning at around 6:30pm, VIT will be working in conjunction with Pullman IT to upgrade our campus firewall. This will increase network speed and security. During this time, the campus network will be down intermittently, meaning that if you're on campus and connected to the campus wired or wireless network, you will not be able to load web pages, get new email, or use any application that requires an internet connection. Additionally, the WSU Vancouver website will be unavailable to the outside world during this time. VPN will also be down, meaning that VPN users will be unable to get to any on-campus network resources like file shares or their work desktop computers. We expect this work to conclude in the late evening.

After the upgrade is complete, VPN users will need to adjust their settings so that they connect to the portal "vpn.vancouver.wsu.edu" rather than the current "myvpn.vancouver.wsu.edu". No other changes will be necessary, but you will find that, after pressing the "connect" button, you will be required to complete the Okta MFA process before the connection is complete. The VPN and Remote Desktop documentation will be updated to reflect this change at that time.

In early testing, some users have experienced problems with the MFA process when associated with VPN. If after November 5 you have trouble with this, please contact VIT by emailing van.evita@wsu.edu or by joining us in our Zoom IT support room.