Equity of Student Outcomes Council

The Equity of Student Outcomes Council examines parity and disparity in outcomes across student demographics. The council works together to create and suggest transformative strategies to build infrastructure and expand capacity to outreach, recruit, retain, and graduate students from all student populations, including underrepresented and underserved student populations. The Equity of Student Outcomes Council specifically addresses the campus strategy and objective of Goal 4 to:

  • Ensure equitable opportunities and outcomes for all student populations, including equal retention and graduation rates across demographic groups.
    • Closing the Gap: Assess equity of outcomes across race, gender, income, accommodation needs and other demographics.

The Equity of Student Outcomes Council commits reflective, deliberate, transformative, and action-oriented attention to:

  • Review current intentional strategies that produce measurable outcomes in equity of student outcomes across demographic groups, including equal retention and graduation rates.
  • Apply equity lens to current policies, procedures, and practices utilized in outreach, recruitment, retention, and graduation of students, including underrepresented student populations. Examine data on disparities of outcomes across student demographic groups.
  • Utilize data on student outcomes to explore building infrastructure and expanding capacity through creation of new strategies and initiatives, including leveraging any existing initiatives into coherent, cohesive, and centralized programs focused on outreach, recruitment, retention, and graduation. Gather ideas and recommend short- and long-term proposals for adoption into the fabric of the campus community.


  • Felix Braffith, Director of Student Equity and Outreach (co-chair)
  • Elias Cohen, Research Specialist for Campus Effectiveness
  • Obie Ford III, Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (co-chair)
  • Bala Krishnamoorthy, Professor and Program Leader, Mathematics
  • Thabiti Lewis, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
  • JoAnn LoSavio, Assistant Professor, Career Track & ROOTS/Roots
  • Miwako Nakamoto, Academic Coordinator
  • Wendy Olson, Director of Composition and Writing Assessment
  • Adenike Otoikhian, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Career Track
  • Praveen Sekhar, Associate Professor, Engineering and Computer Science
  • L. Rocio Sotomayor, Instructor, Mathematics