BaCE Enrichment Series for companies, groups and individuals

Build a community of equity across policy, process, practice and people! The Building a Community of Equity Enrichment Series is for external community members and partners—companies, groups and individuals.

The BaCE Enrichment Series provides:

  • Theoretical and practical frameworks for equity, diversity, inclusion and intercultural development
  • Brave, inclusive and safe space for self-reflection, intergroup dialogue, skill-building and equity lens expansion
  • Equity-minded tools to build a community of equity in the workplace and everyday life
  • Empowerment for companies, organizations, groups and individuals to infuse equity strategies to impact policy, practice, process and people
  • Convenient scheduling with enrichment sessions offered virtually and/or in-person
  • Opportunity to receive a WSU Vancouver BaCE Enrichment Series Certificate of Participation

You may participate on your own or by way of sponsorship (i.e., employer, club, organization, etc.). Sponsored groups often include members of units, departments, leadership teams, cabinets, councils and/or committees.