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“(re)site” will be ever changing

Karl Burkheimer
Exhibit dates
Dengerink Administration Building Gallery

Karl Burkheiner resite art exhibition

Karl Burkheimer’s “(re)site” is on exhibit in the Dengerink Administration Building gallery through March 31. During the course of the exhibit, it will evolve, shifting in form and meaning with input and interaction by art students and faculty.

"My creative endeavor is a manifestation of practice, a repeated return to the process of searching, making and reflecting,” said Burkheimer. “The exhibited works become moments of exchange, temporal incarnations and placeholders, emphasizing an ad hoc language of materials and processes in flux. Actions, efforts and materials are employed to surround an emptiness, as the objects and images on view become markers adjacent to the focus of consideration. Thus, the work is allusive; only the residue of making is present."

Burkheimer creates utilitarian and artistic objects that address labor, skill, precedent and intent through a language of utility. His works have been exhibited in the United States and internationally. He holds an MFA in woodworking from the department of crafts at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond; and a bachelor’s degree in environmental design in architecture from North Carolina State University, Raleigh.