Art on campus

Lithe (I – XXIV)

Seth Nehil
Exhibit dates: 
Monday, December 3, 2018 to Friday, February 8, 2019

Exhibition statement

Interconnected abstract white shapes on black paper that resemble ribbonsThis series finds inspiration in the angles and branches of letter forms, the bend and bow of dancer’s bodies, the rhythms of musical notation, the tangled strokes and marks of calligraphic graffiti, and the hieroglyphs of knotted tree limbs. Each drawing was an improvisation, mutating a vocabulary of shapes to create random runes.

Artist bio

Seth Nehil is an artist who, in addition to making drawings, works with sound and video. He has created performances, installations and concerts, collaborating with theater companies, video artists, dancers and choreographers. He has released over 15 albums of experimental music and has performed internationally. Seth Nehil received an MFA in Music/Sound from Bard College and teaches at the Pacific NW College of Art and WSU Vancouver. Currently, he creates electronic dance music with the trio Torse and heads the video production company Paradise Meow.