Process and information on showing at the WSU Vancouver galleries

Art Gallery Committee

Who can apply?

Anyone. Acceptance is based on criteria described below, as adjudicated by the Art Gallery Committee.

What is the process?

Please send the following:

  • 7-8 images of your work (no smaller than 1920 pixels on the longest side, JPEG only, 3 MB maximum file size)
  • An accompanying image list
  • A resume and a brief artist statement (or statement about the work proposed)
  • Contact information (will not be released to the public unless you request it)
  • Name of artist or artist group
  • Mailing address, phone number, email, website (if applicable)

Email this information to

The selection process

WSU Vancouver is first and foremost a research university. Through these exhibitions we aim to connect with local, regional and international artists, presenting a range of work that enhances the intellectual and creative abilities of the artists and the audience, fostering learning and inquiry in all forms.

The committee meets 5-6 times annually to review proposals and discuss upcoming shows. Several shows are allocated to student work to meet university objectives and the goals outlined above. Often, we curate group shows, which can include invited artists, and artists from the submission process.

What should the artist expect to do?

If your work is selected, you will be contacted to set a date for the show. You are responsible for the installation and de-installation. We can provide some basic hardware, but no manual help.

If chosen to exhibit, can I host an opening reception?

In most cases yes, but we will have to clear the timing of it with the Academic Affairs office to ensure there is no conflict with classes or building hours. Using your own budget, you can provide simple snacks and beverages. Nothing too wet. Finger foods are fine. No alcohol is permitted.

What if I wanted to give a talk?

It is possible and the Fine Arts department can help. It depends on the time of the semester.

In a nut shell...

  1. Send the application material.
  2. Once your receive notification of acceptance, fix a show date with the committee.
  3. Sign the WSU Vancouver Liability and Release Art Loan Agreement form.
  4. Install the show.
  5. Enjoy the show.
  6. De-install the show.