The installation "Impressions," by artist Stu Schecter is created entirely from a tree that had to be removed during the construction of the Undergraduate building. All of the planks that make up the piece were numbered and hung in their original position.

"As I disassembled the majestic Douglas Fir that once lived on this site, a question kept running through my head that inspired the imagery I carved into the planks... What kind of impression can I leave?" Schecter said. He ultimately chose to adorn the faces of the planks with scenes of local plants and wildlife in addition to the poem "Lost" by David Wagoner.

The entire tree had to be shipped to Stu Schecter's studio in Boston, where it was cut and carved. Schecter then custom-built a machine to carve the images onto each individual plank. The installation can now be viewed in the lobby of the Undergraduate building.