Lost and found

All lost and found items should be turned in to Public Safety as the central repository for property on campus. Public Safety manages lost and found storage and returns at the Parking Services office in the Physical Plant building.

Anyone wishing to claim found property on campus must file a claim form and follow the procedures in accordance with existing RCW's for lost and found property (RCW 63.21.010).

  • If you have "found" items in your department/area that have been turned in to you, please send an email to wsuvcops@wsu.eduas soon as possible or call the Parking Services office at 360-546-9002 to report property for pickup. We would be happy to send someone up to retrieve the items and log them in at our office.
  • Direct anyone looking for lost items to the above contact email/phone number so we can assist with item retrieval or log the lost items in for contact if later returned to us.

Keep in mind, anyone who has lost an important item will be calling us to locate it. The sooner items are logged in to our lost and found system, the quicker their return to the owners.