Auto prowl prevention

WSU Vancouver Public Safety has this important message: remove valuables from vehicles!

  • To a thief, your car is a locker storing a free stereo, GPS, laptop, cell phone, money and credit cards.
  • Thieves are often drug users who steal to pay for their habit.
  • For an experienced thief, it only takes a few seconds to shatter a car window and steal your valuables.
  • Thieves use the buddy system. One is the lookout and the other breaks into the car and steals.

Thieves watch for people to “hide” a purse, laptop, briefcase or electronic device under a seat or in the trunk. They wait until the person is away from the car and then smash and grab, pop the trunk if needed to get the good stuff, and they and your valuables are gone.

Protect your property, your identity and yourself. Don’t store valuables in your vehicle.