Emergency closure

Suspended operations procedure

See below for internet, radio, and television closure announcement information.

Washington State University, historically, does not close except under the most adverse conditions.

In accordance with state regulations, the Chancellor or designee may suspend the operation of the campus whenever it is determined that public health, property, or safety is jeopardized due to the emergency.

Emergencies, including inclement weather, that result in a decision to declare suspended operations in accordance with Chapter 50.40 of the Washington State University Business Policies and Procedures Manual (BPPM) may occur at any time during the day or evening, and may affect all or part of the instructional day. When an emergency occurs, the Chancellor or designee will make one of the following decisions:

  1. Proceed with classes as usual.
  2. Postpone opening for one or more hours.
  3. Cancel classes, with university personnel reporting to work if able to do so.
  4. Close the campus and all campus operations, with only essential personnel reporting as needed.

If the decision is to proceed with normal operations, no notification will be given.

If another option has been determined concerning campus operations, the Chancellor or designee may direct the Department of Public Safety to notify the media of a delay in the start of classes or campus closure. If the emergency occurs during the night, the Chancellor or designee will make one of the above decisions prior to 6 a.m. when feasible.

If the campus is closed, only those essential personnel, as required in accordance with chapter 60.40 and 60.59, are allowed to report to work.

Any personnel unable to report to their work assignment during inclement weather (other than school closure) should notify their supervisor as soon as possible. All employees are expected to make their own decisions regarding their personal health or safety concerning commuting to work and their ability to get to work.

Civil service employees are required to use compensatory time for absences due to inclement weather before using annual leave hours. (BPPM 60.57) Civil service employees may use up to three days of sick leave per calendar year for absence due to inclement weather after all other paid leave is exhausted.

A civil service employee may request to make up time for time missed during a school closure or because of inclement weather. The make up time must be done with supervisor approval and must be made up in the week in which the work was missed so overtime is not incurred. The amount of compensation earned should not exceed the amount of salary lost due to the work missed. Missed work should be reported as leave without pay.

Campus closure or class delay information will be available at these links, as well as on major metropolitan television and radio stations: