Student Success Council


To develop and present evidence-based recommendations to the campus community for achieving the objectives of the strategic goal of student success.


This council focuses on student success, one of the three areas of emphasis in WSUV’s Strategic Plan. The purpose of the Student Success Council (SSC) is to foster greater collaboration between the Office of Academic Affairs and the Office of Student Affairs and Enrollment in order to achieve the following outcomes:

  • To identify and understand the determining factors of student success; and
  • To better plan and coordinate data efforts that measure student success and retention; and,
  • To develop recommendations related to pedagogy, programming and services which will improve and enhance student success and persistence; and
  • To develop recommendations related to anticipated resource need for programming and services, to support student success; and
  • To provide campus decision-makers with the information needed to make data-driven recommendations and advocate for university policy pertinent to student success; and
  • To develop plans for continued data collection and tracking of implemented programming, services, etc.

Working definition of student success:

Through high-impact learning experiences that engage students as well as improve retention and graduation rates, WSU Vancouver graduates will be successful in their career and post-baccalaureate studies and engaged in their local communities.

Council chairs

The Student Success Council is co-chaired by Thabiti Lewis, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Felix Braffith, Director of Student Equity and Outreach.