Vancouver Advising Council


Department Academic Advisors at Washington State University Vancouver began meeting bi-monthly as an unofficial group when the current campus location opened in 1996. The VAC was officially formed under Academic Affairs in 2009 in part as a response to the Chancellor’s Retention Task Force work with an outside consultant.

The VAC is comprised of those faculty and staff who are involved in advising, student admissions, and the Registrar’s office. The VAC agenda is organized by the elected Executive Committee. Current standing committees are charged with duties in the areas of Assessment, Professional Development, Website/Communication, and Advising Technology. The diversity in our advising roles and departments gives the council the added value of seeing the big picture of a student’s tenure at WSU Vancouver.


The VAC, within the context of the Advising Vision, shares information, discusses issues, and recommends policy and procedures related to student advising to appropriate campus bodies. Advising at WSU Vancouver is a shared responsibility between Academic Affairs and Student Affairs. The Council reports to Academic Affairs. The Council promotes the mission of academic advising and best practices through professional development and assessment activities.

VAC Council Chair

Bill Stahley is the elected Council Chair for the 2016/17 academic year.