Native Literature Honored Speaker: Harry Slickpoo Jr.


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Harry H. Slickpoo Jr. is an enrolled member of the Nez Perce Tribe, his Indian name is tísqe? 'Ilp'ílp. He is a graduate from Northwest Indian College, Nez Perce Site where he learned the building blocks of the nimiipuutimt ‘Nez Perce Language’ and applied them to speech and conversations. Currently, Slickpoo Jr. teaches multiple language revitalization classes that focuses on reclamation, revitalization and the importance of Nez Perce language and culture. He has become the "elder" instructor at Northwest Indian College where he has come full circle from being a language learner to helping other students and community members learn the language through epistemologies, ontologies and traditional ways of storytelling.  Through his language and storywork, he proves his dedication to preserve, promote and revitalize Nez Perce language and culture. His intimate introduction, response and connection to Indigenous peoples tribal sovereignty/autonomy, self-determination/identification, and traditional understandings and concepts of culture that take on new meaning when taught by a cultural knowledge holder such as himself. Slickpoo Jr. is the president of Nimiipuu Ecosystems Restoration, Inc., a local nonprofit that focuses on educating youth on the cultural importance of water. He is a cultural consultant to Nez Perce Tourism, LLC training tour guides who bring appropriate and relevant Nez Perce Language to visitors and guests that tour Nez Perce country. He is a member of Mata'Lyma Culture Club, Indian Club (JOM), Nez Perce Youth Advisory Board, Nez Perce Youth Leadership, Students for Success, Nez Perce Culture Camp, Nez Perce Language Program as a language technician who developed ACORNS language learning lessons for the Nez Perce Place Names Project, and as a language technician he helped develop Nintendo DSi language learning materials, is an Early Head Start Language Class Language Tec for the Nez Perce Language Program to Public School Districts in Kamiah and Kooskia, Idaho.

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