Goal 5: Community

Lead: Renny Christopher, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Establish and maintain mutually beneficial community outreach, research, financial and civic engagement partnerships.


Lead: Christine Portfors, Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education

Ensure the campus plays a meaningful role in contributing to the betterment of the community.

Engage alumni and friends of WSU Vancouver to support shared community and campus priorities.

Build creative partnerships that drive economic development in the region.


Community outreach and research

  1. Support and encourage faculty and staff to accept volunteer leadership roles with community organizations that are aligned with the mission of WSU Vancouver.
    Lead: TBD
  2. Promote opportunities to create a culture of civic mindedness among faculty, staff and students.
    Lead: TBD
  3. Create a forum and structure for faculty to collaborate with community partners to answer research questions and pursue creative activities of mutual interest.
    Lead: Christine Portfors, Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education
  4. Advance current and developing community partnerships such as business and industry, not for profit organizations, P-12 schools and the health care field to contribute to regional growth and prosperity.
    Lead: TBD
  5. Create a leadership role devoted to implementation, coordination and promotion of campus partnership activities.
    Lead: TBD


  1. Prepare graduates to be civic-minded and prepared to take on an active role on campus and in the broader community.
    Lead: Thabiti Lewis, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, and Eric Scott, Director for Student Development
  2. Expand Cougs in the Community Program to engage more alumni across a broader range of activities.
    Lead: Jennifer Miltenberger, Director of Development and Alumni Relations

Economic Development

  1. Partner with economic development engines in the region to attract new businesses and promote business growth, with a focus on advancing the research strengths of WSU Vancouver.
  2. Develop academic programs and student engagement opportunities that promote workforce development that support economic growth.
  3. Become the community nexus where government, education, industry and nonprofit organizations collaborate to accelerate the economic, cultural and physical health of the region.

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