Life Sciences Building

life sciences building

Life Sciences Building at a glance

Architect: SRG Partnership
Builder: Andersen Construction
Three stories
60,000 square feet
$63.8 million
Expected to open in spring 2024

WSU was awarded $57.1 million from the Washington State Legislature for predesign, design, construction and furnishing of the Life Sciences Building, an instructional and research facility that will provide cutting-edge learning opportunities for students in STEM disciplines.

Due to extreme market inflation, the cost to complete the Life Sciences Building came in above the original estimate. The Washington State Office of Financial Management provided supplemental funds to offset market inflation and WSU Vancouver will spend up to $4.5 million of reserves so the building can be completed as planned.

The Life Sciences Building will house lab space for programming in biology and chemistry, serving general educational need for all students and foundational courses for an array of STEM degrees. It will also house basic, translational, applied and clinical health programs including biology, chemistry, neuroscience and nursing.

WSU is engaged in a $10 million fundraising effort to support the addition of a greenhouse. The fundraising effort is a system-wide partnership among WSU Vancouver, the WSU Foundation, and the President’s and Provost’s offices.

Life Sciences Building render

Designed with purpose

The Life Sciences Building is designed to be a welcoming and connecting space for the whole campus community. The building will:

Celebrate the beauty of this place. The location and organization of WSU Vancouver offers incredible views and access to nature. The Sciences Building will reinforce and celebrate the opportunities offered by this unique setting.

Forge an engine of opportunity. WSU Vancouver celebrates the diversity of its faculty, staff and student body. The Sciences Building will foster the continued recruitment and retention of faculty, staff and students of color as well as people from low-income backgrounds, with disabilities, veterans and first-generation students and will promote a community of equity for all populations. Through art and building expression, WSU Vancouver will honor the history of the land and create an inclusive space where individuals from all social identities will feel a sense of belonging and opportunity to thrive.

Work for everyone. The Life Sciences Building will provide universally accessible campus and building spaces that are welcoming, safe and gender inclusive. WSU Vancouver will prioritize health and wellness by using nontoxic building materials and create vibrant spaces with immediate access to daylight and views.

Connect and learn. The Life Sciences Building will offer a diversity of space types including quiet spaces for introspection and study, and public gathering areas for social engagement and group work. The Sciences Building will provide access to comfortable seating and adequate power in all spaces.

Adapt. Flexible storage, varied work environments, accessible technology and movable furniture will provide for “hackable” spaces that students and faculty can shape to their needs. The Sciences Building will include infrastructure for labs and teaching spaces that can be easily modified for the continued evolution of technology and study.

Foster connection. The Life Sciences Building will be a place that connects faculty, graduate and undergraduate students to cultivate synergy and build community. It will provide a place to share stories and celebrate diversity in all its forms.

life sciences building


For Life Sciences Building information, contact Jason Baerlocher by email or call 509-335-9012.