Online Research Showcase Gallery Poster Presentations 2023

Hello, and welcome to WSU Vancouver's 2023 Online Research Showcase Gallery. Below you will find all of the poster presentation submissions organized by department.

Biological Sciences

Acclimation & Adaptation: can we use gene expression analysis to predict rapid evolution?

Behavioral Adaptation of Drosophila melanogaster to Spinosad Exposure

Comparative pathophysiology of amphibian chytridiomycoses

Fighting Deadly Fungi with Bacteria

Lack of Local Adaptation in plant and bacteria from Serpentine and Non-Serpentine Soil Environments

Oregon silverspot butterfly dispersal dynamics and metapopulation recovery

Pleiotropic Effects of oca2-Iridophore Development in Zebrafish

Transfer of Nickel Island between distantly related Mesorhizobium does not confer nickel tolerance

Computer Science

Communication Pattern in Distributed Machine Learning

Detecting and Classifying Pavement Cracks Using Machine Learning and Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Machine Learning Assisted Wildfire Detection Using UAV Images

UAV Wildfire Detection Using RGB-Thermal Fusion Techniques

Criminal Justice

Forensic Practice and Knowledge Among Washington Police Departments

Electrical Engineering

An Analytical Design Of A Super Wideband Antenna For Microwave And mmWave Applications

Battery-Free Wireless Keyboard for Green Electronics

High Temperature Flexible Antennas for Firefighter Communications

Honey-CNT Memory Device for Emerging Neuromorphic Computing Systems

Multi-Objective Model Predictive Control for High Power Medium-Voltage Neutral Point Clamped Converter with a Low Switching Frequency


The Significance of Childcare Centers on Gender Equality in the Labor Force in Portland and Vancouver after World War II

Human Development

Application of the Meaning and Attentional Components (MAC) Model to Understand Boredom Proneness and Susceptibility

Centering Native American Voices to Understand and Strengthen Campus Belonging

Demystifying Death: College Students Perceptions' about Medical Aide in Dying

Fighting to thrive: Overcoming healthcare barriers with resilience

“There is a lot involved with site preparation. It takes a lot of time:" Lessons Learned from the first year of implementing a manualized intervention with foster care youth serving organization.

Mechanical Engineering

Effect of ice fixture on mitigating damage along the machined edge during milling of woven Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics

The Effects of Manufacturing and Operational Variables on Residual Stress Distribution and Pulling Force Progression for Al 2024-T351 Alloy of The Split-Sleeve Cold Expansion Process- A Finite Element (FE) Study

Mechanisms of the Carbon Fabric Cutting Process

Persistent Human-Machine Interfaces for Robotic Arm Control via Gaze and Eye Direction Tracking

The role of stokes number and ambient humidity for aggregation in particle-laden jet flow


Training and Testing a Machine Learning Model to Predict Drug Toxicity to the Inner Ear


Quality Improvement: Mindfulness to Build Resilience to Burnout Among Nurse Leaders


Adverse Childhood Experiences in Relation to Disordered Eating in Young Adulthood: Do Current Supportive Family Dynamics Play a Buffering Role?

Event-level Physical Activity Contextual Factors on Improvements in Positive Affect and Stress

Health use and perceptions of marijuana based on legal status

More symptoms, more problems: Co-occurring social anxiety and chronic pain are linked to more frequent peer victimization in adolescence.

Pain and Morphine Analgesia In a Female-to-Male Transgender Rat Model

Reasons for cannabis use in adults: An event-level analysis

Relationships Between Presence Of Others and Event-Level Experiences During Cannabis Use

School of the Environment

Post-fire Soil Hydraulic Properties Affected by the 2020 Labor Day Fires, OR

Stream algae biomass associations with environmental variables in a temperate rainforest