Travel grant funding

Guidelines for Washington State University Vancouver graduate students

Sponsored by the Office of Student Involvement and the Office of Research and Graduate Education.

Criteria for student eligibility

  1. Currently enrolled at WSU Vancouver in at least six graduate credits when applying for the grant. (If traveling in the summer, acknowledgment of continued enrollment during the subsequent fall semester must be accompanied with application).
  2. Graduate degree seeking student in good standing.
  3. Current residence at the WSU Vancouver campus.
  4. An applicant can only receive one travel grant in any fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).

Appropriate use of funds

  1. The primary purpose of travel funds will be to assist in paying for registration fees, travel and lodging expenses at professional conferences at which the graduate student presents a scholarly paper or other professional conference presentation.
    • The presentation must cover research conducted while attending WSU, not a previous institution.
  2. Secondary purposes for the travel funds will be to supplement registration fees, travel and lodging expenses associated with one of the following.
    • Attendance at a meeting or conference that benefits the overall learning objectives relative to one’s graduate studies.
    • Receiving a significant award or recognition which is related to the student’s academic field or service to the University.
    • Travel to participate in a significant professional development activity.

Note: Travel grants are funded using Services and Activities (S&A) fees, thus expenditures are limited to non-academic activities. Grant funds may NOT be used to support travel for the purpose of conducting research or other activities (including formal classes involving grades) directly associated with the requirements of completing a graduate degree at WSU Vancouver. Please refer to the S&A Fees page for more information about applicable University policy on such expenditures.

Grant Award Limits

  1. Grant awards are given based upon the amount requested and the reason for travel. Applicants meeting the primary purpose for travel may be awarded up to $1,500. Applicants meeting the secondary purpose for travel may be awarded up to $1000.
  2. Limit of one award per student each fiscal year (July 1 - June 30).
  3. Masters students can only receive one award during their program.
  4. Doctoral students can receive up to three awards throughout their doctoral program.
  5. Medical students can receive one award in either year three or four of their program.

In rare instances, additional travel services may be considered.

Application process

  • Completed applications may be submitted to the Office of Research and Graduate Education on the following days: The last Friday in September, November, January, April and June of each academic year.
  • Applications must be received, reviewed and approved prior to travel. Awards will not be granted for past travel or reimbursed for expenses personally paid prior to the date of the travel award.
  • The Vice Chancellor of Research and Graduate Education will review all applications within two weeks of the above dates and respond to each applicant.
  • Applications will be competitively rated based on how well they correspond to the primary or secondary purposes of the travel funds.
  • The Vice Chancellor of Research and Graduate Education will limit requests depending on the strength of the application, available funds and the number of applicants.
  • Applications must be fully completed to be considered for funding. Please see the application checklist in the application materials.

Travel grant guidelines and application (PDF)*