Data Science for Business Analytics

  • Program details
  • Dates and time: 6 – 9 p.m. Thursdays: Mar. 3 – Apr. 28; (Mar. 17 Spring break)
  • Location: Online, instructor-led live sessions
  • Number of sessions: Eight sessions over nine weeks
  • Instructional fee: $995
  • Format: Zoom videoconference

In this introductory course, you will learn the basic tools and techniques for business analytics. You will gain insight into the use of machine learning and data science for business applications and will have the opportunity to bring your own data (BYOD) for hands-on mentoring. No prior programming, statistical or database skills are required, but all are a plus.

If you want to gain a deeper understanding of your company’s data and learn to use it to generate insights, react quickly to customer and market feedback, this course is for you!

What you will learn

  1. How to use Microsoft Azure Machine Learning (ML), a cloud-based ML and data insights platform
  2. Basic machine learning techniques that can be applied for predictive modeling, such as price prediction from product features
  3. Basic descriptive techniques, such as clustering, to derive insights from your business data
  4. Automated text analytics (for user reviews, requests for product features, actionable customer feedback, etc.)
  5. How to design data science experiments to determine the effectiveness of your models

Meetings and format

The course consists of Zoom videoconference meetings with live instruction. To attend via Zoom, students will need a computer with webcam, microphone and high-speed internet.

Each Zoom session allows for live interaction with the instructor and other students via chat, web conferencing or phone, all in real time. Assignments and other materials will be available online through a web-based learning management system.

Who should attend

Working professionals, engineers, managers, anyone involved in the areas of product/process development and design, sales, operations, supply chain management, e-commerce/product listing or similar areas of work.

Working professionals who want to gain a deeper understanding of their company’s data, and how to use it to generate insights and react quickly to customer and market feedback.


The instructional fee is $995, including a nonrefundable administrative fee of $75. See Registration for details.


Grant WilliamsGrant Williams received a doctorate in computer science from Louisiana State University, where his research focused on empirical software engineering. He worked as a data scientist at Microsoft Corporation, where he implemented machine learning solutions for automatically identifying bugs in Windows updates using social media. Now he teaches computer and data science courses at WSU Vancouver.