Police blotter

Date Title Activity type Location Resolution
04/13/2015 Burglary II Burglary of WSU Barn Campus/Salmon Creek Street Report
04/02/2015 Theft of Classroom equipment Theft III VMMC Report
03/20/2015 Malicious Mischief III Words written on bathroom wall in Clark College Building Clark College Building Report
03/08/2015 Vehicle Collision/Street Sweeper into Pole Vehicle Collision/Street Sweeper into light Pole Grey 4 Parking Lot Collision Report
03/05/2015 Suspicious Circumstance/possible domestic violence Suspicious Circumstance/possible Domestic Violence Campus Soccer Field Report
03/05/2015 Vehicle Collision-vehicle vs. Pedestrian vehicle collision Grey 4/Main Road Collision Report
03/02/2015 Vehicle collision Vehicle Collision WSU Main Entrance Information Only
11/13/2014 Bicycle Equipment Issue Bicycle lock damage/reviewed camera footage VFSC Information only
11/12/2014 Vehicle Damage in Disabled Parking Report of Vehicle Damage Disabled parking at VUB Information only
11/03/2014 Student Issue Assist student VCLS No Report
10/13/2014 Susp. Person Susp. Person offering kids rides Clark Building Information only
10/08/2014 Susp. Person Susp. Person Orange 2 FIR Card/ Info/ Trespass
10/02/2014 Hit and Run-Parked vehicle Vehicle collision Grey 1 Parking Lot Information only
09/08/2014 Theft III Theft of books VUB Report
09/06/2014 Reckless Driving Reckless operation of a vehicle Main Entrance Road Investigation
08/22/2014 Theft of a Vehicle (Theft II) -WSU Vancouver Golf Cart University golf cart stolen and recovered. Campus/Off-Campus Suspects taken into custody and released to parents.
08/18/2014 Dog Left in Car Assitance needed Orange 2 Dog was assisted
06/04/2014 Malicious Mischief III-Graffiti Graffiti at Annex Building Annex Report
06/04/2014 Theft II-From a vehicle Theft from a vehicle Blue Pay Parking Lot Report
05/07/2014 Theft III- Theft from a building Theft of feminine hygiene products VCB Report
05/05/2014 Theft III Theft from jacket Clark College Building Report
04/10/2014 Malicious Mischief III Malicious Mischief III-Vandalism Kiosk at WSUV Barn Bridge Report
04/08/2014 Theft on Salmon Creek Street Theft III-from a vehicle Salmon Creek Street by WSUV Barn Courtesy report for Sheriffs Office
03/24/2014 Chemical Found Improper storage of chemical VCLS Information/chemical taken to storage
03/07/2014 Graffiti on VMMC Building Graffiti on outside of VMMC VMMC Report