Police blotter

Date Title Activity type Location Resolution
06/07/2016 Malicious Mischief III Damage in VSCI VSCI Report
05/24/2016 UNFOUNDED Theft II Investigation WSUV Reported stolen item later discovered stolen off campus-not WSUV
05/18/2016 Recovered Stolen Vehicle Stolen Vehicle Recovered on WSUV Campus Grey 1 Report and vehicle returned to owner
05/12/2016 Assault IV-Non-DV Assault IV Plant Services Victim did not want to report
05/02/2016 Abandoned Vehicle Abandoned Vehicle 50th Ave. Gravel Parking Area Vehicle Impounded
04/29/2016 Theft II from a WSUV Building Investigation/Report VSCI 230 Report
04/26/2016 Abandoned Vehicle Abandoned Vehicle 50th Avenue Gravel Parking Area Vehicle Impounded
04/18/2016 Courtesy Report Courtesy Burglary Report for CCSO Off Campus Report
04/18/2016 Return of WSUV Property Investigation WSUV WSUV Property Returned
03/30/2016 Vehicle Collision Collision Orange 2 Collision Report
03/11/2016 Harassment/Stalking-DV Investigation/Report/Arrest WSU Vancouver Arrest
02/23/2016 Telephone Harassment Harassment via phone Campus Report
02/18/2016 Harassment/Stalking Harassment/Stalking Campus Investigation
02/11/2016 Vehicle Collision Vehicle Collision Loop Road Collision Report
02/09/2016 Identity Theft Via Email/mail Campus Report
02/08/2016 Malicious Mischief Malicious Mischief III/Cameras Damaged WSUV Main Entrance Road Report
02/01/2016 Telephone Harassment Messages on Phone Campus Report
01/19/2016 Vehicle Collision Vehicle Collision vs. Concrete Pole Orange 1 Parking Lot Information Only
01/12/2016 Vehicle vs. Pedestrian Vehicle Collision with Pedestrian (minor) Blue Parking Lot Crosswalk WSU Incident Report
01/12/2016 Theft III Theft of Earbuds from Lab VECS Report
01/06/2016 Vehicle Collision Vehicle Collision Blue Parking Lot Information Only
01/04/2016 Workplace Investigation Workplace Investigation Campus Unfounded
08/26/2015 Verbal DV Verbal Incident WSUV Report
08/26/2015 Theft III-from a vehicle Theft of parking pass WSUV Report
08/24/2015 Theft III-From Computer Lab Theft of video cards from lab computers VCLS Report