Police blotter

Date Title Activity type Location Resolution
04/08/2014 Theft on Salmon Creek Street Theft III-from a vehicle Salmon Creek Street by WSUV Barn Courtesy report for Sheriffs Office
03/24/2014 Chemical Found Improper storage of chemical VCLS Information/chemical taken to storage
03/07/2014 Graffiti on VMMC Building Graffiti on outside of VMMC VMMC Report
02/24/2014 Vehicle Collision Vehicle Collision Orange 2 Information Only
02/21/2014 Traffic Collision Traffic Collision Main Entrance Report
01/24/2014 Theft II-Vehicle Prowl Theft II-Vehicle Prowl Orange 3 parking lot Report with suspect descriptions
01/23/2014 Attempted Burglary-WSU Barn Attempted Burglary-WSU Barn WSU Barn Report
10/18/2013 Stolen/Lost Cell Phone Stolen/Lost Cell Phone Orange 2 parking lot Report
09/24/2013 Vehicle Collision Vehicle Collision Campus Report
09/19/2013 Hit and Run-WSUV Property Hit and Run-WSU Property Campus Report
09/12/2013 Vehicle Collison Vehicle Collison WSU Vancouver entrance road Information only/victim vehicle did not stop
09/09/2013 Student Information Student Information Campus Information reported to PD
08/29/2013 Traffic/Reckless Driving Investigation Traffic/Reckless Driving Investigation Campus Investigation
08/29/2013 Found/Dumped Property Found/Dumped Property Campus Property properly disposed of
08/19/2013 Complaint/Signature Collectors Complaint/Signature Collectors Quad Given WAC information
08/15/2013 Found/Dumped Property Found/Dumped Property Orange 3 parking lot Taken to recycling
07/30/2013 Malicious Mischief III-Vandalism Malicious Mischief III-Vandalism Main entrance Report
07/26/2013 Courtesy Report for VPD Courtesy Report for VPD Campus Report for VPD
07/18/2013 Malicious Mischief III-Bollard damaged Malicious Mischief III-Bollard damaged 159th/back entrance road Report
07/17/2013 Malicious Mischief III-Vandalism/sign damage Malicious Mischief III-Vandalism/sign damage North side of campus Report
07/16/2013 Malicious Mischief III-Graffiti Malicious Mischief III-Graffiti VMMC Report
07/16/2013 Malicious Mischief III-Graffiti Malicious Mischief III-Graffiti Walking trail bridge/Bell Report
07/06/2013 Possible Transient Camp Possible Transient Camp East of Orange 3 parking lot Camp removed
07/02/2013 Staff phone/computer complaint Staff phone/computer complaint VDEN Assist and report completed
06/17/2013 Malicious Mischief III Malicious Mischief III Women's restroom in VLIB Report