Permit pricing and display

2020/21 academic year

Annual, semester and Clark College at WSU Vancouver quarter permits are sold online and in the Parking Services office at set times during the academic year. The tables below list prices for permits bought before the full year or term. Prices are prorated if purchased later. See the prorate schedule for details.

Buy parking permit

Spring 2021 permit

$65.00 (may be used in any lot)

  • Semester–Valid Dec. 28, 2020 through May 12, 2021.

Motorcycle and moped permits

  • Motorcycle–Valid Aug. 10, 2020 through Aug. 24, 2021.
Lot color Cost Add to existing permit
Designated motorcycle spaces in Orange 2, Orange 3, Green 1, Gray 2 $64 $5

Permit display

Permits must be displayed Monday through Friday, year round, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., unless the vehicle is parked legally at a meter or in a time zone. Permit numbers and dates must be visible.

Type of permit Display position
Annual, semester and quarter Interior windshield, lower left side,
Scratch permit (hangtag) Face out on rear-view mirror, or clearly visible on dashboard
Online daily permit Face up on dashboard