Interdepartmental Mail

  • WSU Vancouver interdepartmental mail:
    Provide recipient’s name, building name, room number
  • WSU Intercampus mail:
    Intercampus mail will be discontinued after Dec. 20, 2023.

Off-campus Mailing

All outbound shipments need to be in departmental workrooms for pick-up by 11 a.m. or dropped off at the mailroom before 1:30 p.m.

  • All mail and parcels must bear:
    • Recipient name and address
    • Sender name and address
    • WSU 8-digit expense account number for billing

For any of the services listed below, provide this additional information:

  • UPS: Annotate shipment speed
    • 1-day AM or PM delivery; 2-day; 3-day; or ground
    • All shipments that do not have a carrier speed selected will default to ground
  • FedEx
    • Ground
      • All shipments that do not have a carrier speed selected will default to ground
      • Recipient and sender phone numbers to the item being shipped
    • Express – Annotate shipment speed
      • 1-day AM or PM delivery; 2-day; or 3-day
      • Senders may hand write a FedEx Express form and attach to the parcel (available in mailroom or by request)
  • USPS: Select extra services (if applicable)
    • Certified: provides sender with an official receipt of service and requires a signature from recipient
    • Return Receipt: Provides sender with proof of delivery
    • Registered*: Provides a chain of custody as well as extra security for high value and sensitive shipments. *Registered mail has to be completed at a Post Office location.
    • If the expense account that you wish to use has not yet been approved for USPS use, you can fill out the New USPS Mail Account form (PDF) and return it to the mailroom at

International Mail

  • Can be sent UPS, FedEx, or USPS
  • Most international shipments require customs forms that can be filled out prior to mailroom pick-up
    • If you need assistance with customs forms, Mailroom personnel can assist, but will need sender contact information to discuss items being shipped in greater detail. Please annotate shipments that need extra advice/input.

Dangerous Goods Shipping

  • All Dangerous Goods (DG) shipments need to be preceded by the Certified Shipping Document at least 24 hours. prior to the shipment leaving campus
  • While the mailroom provides standard packaging and packing materials for shipments, any United Nations spec packaging required for a parcel must be acquired by the department that is sending the item(s)
  • If you need assistance/advice on packaging or packing materials contact the Mailroom at 360-546-9708
  • If you need assistance/advice on identifying hazards or DG requirements contact EH&S at 360-546-9706