Mission statement

  • To process mail and shipments in a timely manner to all students, faculty and staff at WSU Vancouver.


  • Optimize service and efficiency to meet the needs of students, faculty and staff in sorting, pick-up and delivery of mail and packages.
  • Provide appropriate documentation to support queries about time, date, method or condition of items shipped or received.
  • Effectively communicate mail, shipping and receiving information to system users in a timely manner.


  • To chargeback postage costs to system users to achieve break-even.
  • To evaluate courier service providers to minimize costs while maintaining acceptable service.
  • To develop, evaluate and maintain documentation to facilitate appropriate service, cost allocation and staffing levels for mail, receiving and delivery services.

Outcome measures

  • Provide twice daily pick-up and delivery to/from WSU Vancouver departments.
  • Ship outgoing packages out the same day, if received prior to daily deadline.
  • Sort and deliver mail received on the day delivered, if received prior to daily deadline.


  • Provide regular reporting to ensure all appropriate costs are charged back to system users.
  • Cross-train Physical Plant staff to provide for vacation and sick coverage without adding additional personnel in the short-term.
  • Review opportunities for additional services that can be centrally supplied more efficiently and use charge-backs to support additional resources required.


  • Additional staff once work load and/or number of stops is too great to permit twice daily pick-up and delivery service.
  • Purchase of additional equipment that permits greater efficiencies through cost reductions, staff savings or expanded service.