Returning to Campus Fall 2021

Many computers have not been turned on for several months. Here is what to expect if you have not been using your computer on campus:

  • Plan time for updates to run. There are several updates that have happened in the last 16 months. Some of these updates will be required before your computer is ready to be used and could take several hours. The updates include:
    • Windows – should run automatically.
    • Mac OS – will likely remind you to install, should do this as soon as possible.
    • Adobe products
    • Microsoft Office
    • Browsers (Firefox, Chrome, etc.)

This may require multiple reboots to get all updates installed.

  • Zoom – if you have not been using Zoom on your computer it will likely need an update before you can use it. Don’t wait until you are trying to connect to a meeting to do this.<
    • Open Zoom
    • lick on your profile picture in the upper right corner
    • Choose “check for updates”
    • If there are some it will install them