New faculty and staff tech guide

WSU Vancouver IT HelpDesk

Our HelpDesk is here to assist you with a variety of technology needs including:

  • Computer software/hardware advice
  • Wireless connectivity issues
  • Blackboard use or problems
  • Email issues and setup
  • Account issues and password reset
  • Virus/malware removal advice

Assistance is available by:

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Network ID (NID)

All WSU Vancouver students, faculty, and staff have a Network ID (NID) (typically firstname.lastname). Your Network ID is used to log in to the WSU portal. This login and password are also used to access computers on campus and some Library resources, as well as for our WSU Wireless authentication.

If you have not obtained your Network ID, go to the WSU portal home page at and click on the Help link. From there, click on the Create Your Network ID link. (Note: You may need to wait 24 hours before using your NID.)

Passwords are required to be reset every six months. To reset your password, go to

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Wireless Access - WSU Wireless

The WSU Vancouver campus provides wireless internet access to all WSU students, faculty, and staff through the WSU Wireless network. Connecting to the WSU Wireless network is easy:

  1. Select “WSU Wireless” from the list of available wireless networks.
  2. When prompted, enter your Network ID and password.
  3. If asked to trust the security certificate, click “yes” or “trust.”

The WSU Wireless network is simple, secure, and seamless:

  • Simple: Log in once and, after that, your computer or device will auto-connect to the network.
  • Secure: Data is transferred securely so that others cannot intercept private information.
  • Seamless: All WSU campuses use this same network.

Note: We also offer wireless access to our campus guests via “WSUV WiFi Guest.” This guest access is not secure and is only intended for visitors, not for WSU Vancouver students, faculty, or staff.

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Email Accounts

To access your email account via the internet, go to and log in using your network ID and password. Links are also available at the top and bottom of every WSU Vancouver webpage. To access your email account on your iPhone or Android phone, visit for step-by-step directions.

This account is your official WSU account. Check it regularly as official WSU email communication from various WSU academic and student support offices will be sent to this WSU email account. If you are having problems with your email, contact the HelpDesk.

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Email Account Safe Practices

Email accounts are often targeted by phishing emails which try to trick you into clicking on links and entering passwords. Never click on any link in an email unless you know it is legitimate.

If you receive a suspicious email through your WSU email account, forward it to where it will be investigated and, if necessary, blocked from sending future emails.

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Office 365 and OneDrive

Office 365 provides online access to Microsoft Office products. You can also download these products on up to five devices. The software available includes: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Skype for Business. To access Office 365, go to and enter your Network ID and password.

Office 365 also provides access to OneDrive, 1 terabyte of free, cloud-based file storage. Files stored on OneDrive are available from multiple devices via the internet and can be synchronized on local devices so that they can be used offline. The files on OneDrive can also be shared with others both inside and outside of WSU.

Recommended use:

  • All files in a Documents folder on desktop or laptop computer.
  • Files that need temporary collaboration with others.
  • Use instead of a USB drive for access from any device.

OneDrive is accessed by logging in at and clicking on the OneDrive tile. You may also install the OneDrive app by downloading it from Microsoft website (Windows), from the App Store (Mac and iOS), or from the Google Play store.

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Student Computer Labs

During the Fall and Spring terms, two open computer labs are available for students: VMMC 101 and VLIB 102. All computer labs require students to log in to the computers with Network IDs and password.

Lab hours are subject to change. Check current hours at

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Blackboard - WSU's Learning Management System

WSU uses Blackboard Learn as the online learning courseware. You can access Blackboard from the links available at the top and bottom of every WSU Vancouver web page, or at Your Blackboard login is the same as your Network ID and password. For help with Blackboard, contact the HelpDesk or visit and click the link for Blackboard.

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Adopt, Adapt, and Assemble Support to Advance Universal Design

Faculty are provided direct support to promote accessibility in course content and design both for current accommodation needs and to promote and improve Universal Design for learning.

  • Flexible Time-Slip Support: Faculty with an identified student accommodation may request up to $350 of student-worker assistance.
  • Closed Captioning Support for Universal Design: Academic Services is able to assist faculty transition to Universal Design by offering closed captioning of course materials.
  • Course Accessibility Tune-Ups: Free course accessibility tune-ups are available. Course material will be evaluated with advice, instruction, or assistance on how to improve accessibility.
  • OER (Open Education Resource) Grants: All OER grant-funded efforts have accessibility as a requirement.

For more information about accessibility, visit the faculty academic accessibility resources page.

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Videoconferencing Services

Vancouver Videoconference Services (a division of IT Academic Services) provides videoconference support for students in academic courses and meetings held at a distance. Utilizing high definition video and audio for distance learning, this videoconference system is designed to provide greater access to higher education in the state of Washington. Multiple classrooms can be connected via videoconference across the state, providing two-way video and audio collaboration to all participants. This videoconference system allows all class members to be seen and heard, and actively participate in the class as the professor instructs.

If you have a course requiring videoconferencing services, more information will be available at the first class.

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Skype for Business (SfB)

Skype for Business is a powerful collaboration tool and is accessible for all current WSU faculty and staff. It allows for instant messaging, persistent chat, audio, video, and dial-in conferencing. Conferencing includes features like application sharing, desktop sharing, white boarding, polls, PowerPoint presentation, and file transfers from a variety of platforms.

SfB can host larger numbers of meeting participants and can be scheduled using Outlook/Calendar with a control that adds the meeting information to the meeting invitation. SfB can integrate easily with Office 365 applications, and is also integrated with WSU’s Active Directory. The WSU SfB system also supports telephone dial-in users, so they can participate in a conference by dialing in from on-campus or off.

An app is available for all major device types: Windows, iOS, or Android.

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Software, Computers, and Deals!

Make sure to check out the Techstore at for offers on free and discounted software, discounted computers, and wireless phone service.

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