2017 Techqual+ IT survey report

2017 marks the third year that WSU Vancouver IT has used the TechQual+ Survey gather feedback and gauge perceptions regarding information technology services on campus. This year, 10% of students, 34% of faculty, and 48% of staff responded to the survey. A total of 1,434 comments and responses were provided to help lend context and depth to the survey concerning technology strengths, challenges, and opportunities. The results for the 2017 survey (PDF), as in the past two years, speak loud and clear. WSU Vancouver uses your voices to determine technology priorities and initiatives.

The TechQual+ survey analyzes 3 main service areas. In addition, WSU Vancouver added questions regarding 4 campus-specific service areas to create 7 categories of IT service:

  • Connectivity and Access
  • Technology and Collaboration Services
  • Support and Training
  • Blackboard and Instructional Technologies
  • Research Resources
  • Computer Labs
  • Videoconferencing Services

With three years of TechQual+ survey experience, Vancouver IT is excited to present the 2017 results in a new and easier-to-understand format focused on the 7 service categories comparing results by students, faculty, and staff.

Below are a few of our key findings. To read the complete results of the survey, download the full 2017 TechQual+ Survey Report in PDF form.

Pick 3 – Most Helpful IT Services and IT Service Needing Improvement
In open-ended questions, survey participants were asked which three WSU Vancouver IT services are most helpful and which three needed improvement. There were a total of 208 respondents: 95 students, 59 faculty, and 54 staff.

most helpful improvements