Administrative Professional Annual Review

Performance reviews for Administrative Professional employees are conducted annually, using the Annual Review Form. A link to the form can be found at More frequent, informal reviews may occur.

WSU encourages the professional advancement of all employees. Evaluation of performance and allocation of salary increases are important factors in encouraging superior service. The annual review for an Administrative Professional employee is an essential part of the administration of each area.

The employee’s immediate supervisor conducts this review. It should be completed in a systematic manner with special attention given to the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. It should provide the basis for rewards as well as needed improvements. Position descriptions and performance criteria are discussed with a new employee as soon after hire as possible. They should be reviewed with the employee during the annual review and modified as needed.

The review provides an important tool for employee development. It is an opportunity to evaluate past performance as well as agree on future goals and objectives, and to reaffirm or redirect work assignments and activities. To ensure that salary increases and promotions are made objectively, equitably, impartially, and as recognition of merit, the following policies and procedures must be observed.