Faculty & Staff Giving Campaign

Support the students and programs that are important to you.

We are living in a strange, stressful and difficult time. Now more than ever, it is imperative that we show up for each other and lend a helping hand.

What is the Faculty & Staff Giving Campaign?

Once a year, we ask our faculty and staff to show their support for our students and our institution by making a gift to WSU Vancouver. These dollars mean we can award more scholarships, provide essential programs like the Cougar Food Pantry, and ensure VanCougs receive a high-quality education. This campaign is all about employee participation because we know that every gift makes a difference.

Why give?

WSU Vancouver is working to keep our students enrolled, learning and on track to graduate. Assisting them during this time when many of them are out of work and unable to collect a paycheck is one of WSU Vancouver’s top priorities. If you would like to support WSU Vancouver students who have been impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, please do so at WSU's Online Giving page.

As always, a donation to any fund is appreciated and all gifts no matter the size are impactful at this time—participation is the goal, not the dollar amount. Every gift matters.

When do I give?

  • The Faculty & Staff Giving Campaign runs April 5 – 16.
  • If you’ve made a gift prior to the campaign (thank you!), that gift is counted in the total percentage of giving.

How do I give?

Credit card

Give online


Make payable to WSU Foundation.

Send to:

WSU Foundation
Gift Accounting
PO Box 641927
Pullman, WA 99164-1927

Send an email to Jessica Wells with the check amount and the fund you are supporting.

Payroll deduction

Fill out the Faculty & Staff Payroll Deduction Form (PDF).

All permanent faculty and staff are eligible for payroll deduction contributions.

Complete your Payroll Deduction Form

  • Use the chart in the campaign flyer (PDF) to calculate how much you would like to contribute each period, whether you are on a 12- or 9-month appointment.
  • Refer to this list of funds you can support.

If you have questions about a fund or the fund you wish to support is not listed, please email Jessica Wells.

Choose between an indefinite deduction or a pledge.

  • Indefinite: the deduction will continue each pay period unless you request to update or cancel the deduction, or upon separation with the University.
  • Pledge: the deduction will continue each pay period until a dollar threshold you have set is reached.

Complete the Total Deduction and Donor Signature portion of the form.

Please print and sign the document and scan to jessica.r.wells@wsu.edu.

If you are unable to physically sign and scan the document, please send the digital form unsigned to jessica.r.wells@wsu.edu and include the following statement: “I, [name], approve the attached payroll deduction form.” Your physical signature may need to be collected at a later date.

Support our students

“The Faculty & Staff Giving Campaign is a wonderful opportunity to grow WSU Vancouver in the direction we want it to evolve. Not only does giving offer direct support to students in tangible ways—such as scholarships and the Cougar Food Pantry—but it also helps faculty with their teaching and research, which helps students. I have had the opportunity to see the impact of contributions on teaching innovations and grant funding. Please join me this year and participate in making WSU reflect your vision.”

Thabiti Lewis, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Each department that reaches 100% participation will receive a special treat at the end of the campaign and all campaign donors will receive a VanCoug sticker as a thank you gift.

Questions? Please email jessica.r.wells@wsu.edu.