Counseling Services

1. Do we have counseling services for students?

Yes, confidential counseling services are available on campus for current Washington State University Vancouver students. Visit Counseling Services for more information.

2. If I think a student would benefit from counseling, how should I approach the student?

The best way to approach a student about this is in a casual but compassionate way that also makes a personal endorsement of the counseling staff. That might mean saying something like, "I know you mentioned you were feeling stressed this semester, and I just wanted to make sure you knew you could go see a counselor at the counseling center. I've met the counselors a few times and think they are great, and the students that I know who have shared that they went to Counseling Services have had a positive experience, so I think a counselor might be someone to talk to." This kind of approach de-stigmatizes counseling, and gives a personal touch and vote of confidence that makes it easier for the student to call. Learn more about how to support students in distress.

3. How can students schedule an appointment with Counseling Services?

We currently reserve several 30 minute urgent appointments in both the morning and afternoon each week day. Students experiencing personal distress can call or stop by to schedule a same day appointment, up to one day in advance.

4. I'm concerned about a student and do not feel comfortable referring them. What can I do?

Students are more likely to follow up on a referral to Counseling Services if it is made by a familiar staff or faculty rather than counseling staff. Visit the Counseling Services webpages for suggestions. You may also call Counseling Services at 360-546-9238 to speak with a counselor regarding your concerns and how to address the student.

5. What if I am faced with a student’s mental health emergency?

If you urgently need to consult with a psychological counselor on campus, call 360-546-9238. If a counselor is available, he or she will answer your call and discuss your concerns in order to determine how to best support the student. If a counselor is not available, or if you are unsure who may best support this student, complete an AWARE submission. If this is an emergency, please contact the campus police at 360-546-9001, call 911, or the Clark County Crisis Line at 360-696-9560.