Roots of Contemporary Issues Instructor Cohort Workshop III: Teaching History Research Design & Engaging Classroom Community To Do It—Part 2!


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Roots of Contemporary Issues Instructor Cohort Workshop Series develops an inclusive peer-to-peer platform and community, enabling the RCI instructors to:

  • Collaborate on course elements common across the RCI program
  • Share pedagogical resources and experiences
  • Specifically address contingent RCI/ROOTS faculty concerns and needs

This workshop will focus on the last two Library Resource Assignments common in all ROOTS 105 and 305 courses and ways to deliver these lessons in historical research design to undergraduate students by using group, classroom and crowd-sourcing activities. The workshop will be conducted by series organizer JoAnn LoSavio, assistant professor of history and coordinator of the RCI/ROOTS program, and Sam Buechler, student success librarian.

Sponsored by the Council on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at WSU Vancouver.

Who can participate:
WSU faculty, graduate students, staff and especially those interested or involved in ROOTS
Contact for more information:
JoAnn LoSavio at

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