Research Showcase: Undergraduate Poster Presentations

9:00 am – 12:30 pm Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Zoom link

Attend Research Showcase via Zoom to see highlights of student research, scholarship and artistic expression.


  • Ban Alamin, Neuroscience: Effects of opioid abuse on hippocampal plasticity and its role in the development and maintenance of addiction
  • Katya Farinsky (co-presenters: Andrew Thompson, Drew Swanson, Jazz Jackson), Creative Media and Digital Culture: Quest for Arete
  • Chris Dexheimer, Biology: Nickel and Ultraviolet Adaptation of Mesorhizobia
  • Robin Hunt, Psychology: State Legal Status and Perceptions of Consequences of Cannabis Use Among Users and Nonusers
  • Forrest Fearington, Neuroscience: Investigating a Potential Mechanism of Noise-Induced Synaptopathy
  • Randi Richards, College of Arts and Sciences: The Evolution of Heavy Metal Tolerance Leads to UV Tolerance in Plant Microbial Symbionts
  • Jeehoon Jung, Neuroscience: Evaluating inequities in language based brain computer interfaces
  • Alexander McAllister (co-presenter: Zacheria Krocka), Psychology: Normative beliefs and their association with COVID-19 protective behaviors and beliefs
  • Adrian Nelson-Wheatley, Biology: Invasive invertebrate herbivores and nitrogen addition affect arbuscular mycorrhizal colonization of Sitka Willow at Mount St. Helens
  • Anastasiya Kozlovska, Neuroscience: Diphenhydramine overdose: a review of prevalence, presenting symptoms, and the pressing need to develop and implement a prompt toxicology scree
  • Linda Nguyen, Social Science: Mindfulness-based intervention for the Reduction of Pain and Stress within the Elderly Population
  • Megan Strickland (co-presenter: Anaderi Iniguez), Prevention Science: Parenting dimensions mediate the relationship between food insecurity and family health behaviors
  • Annamaria Pacheco, Biology: How herbivores and nitrogen addition affect developing soils of Mount St. Helens
  • Chelsea Ward, Prevention Science: Coping with Health Care Challenges in Rural Communities

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