Film premier, “it Was love”

WSU Vancouver student Tom Andersen will premier his latest film “it Was love” in a double feature with “Side Effects May Include…Loss of Life.” Doors open at 10:30 a.m.

“Side Effects May Include…Loss of Life” (R) will screen first. It’s a feature film sequel to a short film Andersen produced about 10 years ago. In the movie, side effects of a new drug have turned most of the population into hordes of infected flesh eaters. Those not infected travel to known safe zones around the country. Leaving her life on the streets behind, Jenny (Katherine Kyte) falls in love with Shif (Alan Logston), a former military person. They team up with Don (Bruce Kyte), who lost his wife and child to the infection. The trio make their way through thick forests, abandoned streets and deranged characters, each one telling how they made it that far without being infected.

“it Was love” (PG) will premier next. In the movie, Nathan Mayberry (Alec Roselle) is a confident young man who meets Samantha (Brittany Dixon), the girl of his dreams. Everything suddenly changes when she vanishes without a trace and he loses all hope in finding her. As family and friends try to lure him back to his normal life, something else is happening behind the scenes. Something no one saw coming...

Andersen, a digital technology and culture major, owns Mahilum Films, an independent film company devoted to making movies in Southwest Washington. He developed a love for movies from watching 1930s movies with his father as a child. The company is named for Andersen’s eldest brother who passed away after suffering a skull fracture. Andersen aims to work with creative, motivated individuals who share a passion for high-quality work. He welcomes people who want to be part of a creative collective and part of something special—his film family. Learn more or get involved by following Andersen on Facebook @mahilumfilms.

​​​​​​​Kiggins Theatre, 1011 Main Street, Vancouver, WA 98660

Event accessibility

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