The five pillars of SPACE serve to infuse equity, diversity, inclusion, belonging, justice and love across and throughout the WSU Vancouver campus fabric.


The Office of Equity and Diversity uplifts efforts to infuse equity, inclusion, and belonging across university policies, processes, practices and people. The office applies an equity lens to build a community of equity and disrupt institutional barriers, including systemic isms and phobias.


The Office of Equity and Diversity amplifies voices, elevates lived experiences, and understands needs of historically underrepresented and excluded people and communities. The office encourages shared power and responsibility through strategic leadership and collaborative partnership to advance equity, belonging and love at WSU Vancouver.


The Office of Equity and Diversity ensures accountability of efforts through equity-minded methods, including qualitative and quantitative inquiry. The office is committed to data informed approaches rooted in antiracism, cultural responsiveness, equity-mindedness and inclusive excellence.


The Office of Equity and Diversity is a brave, safe and grace space for all WSU Vancouver students, staff, faculty and guests. The office models and maintains authentic, empowering and transparent relationships with internal and external community partners of WSU Vancouver.


The Office of Equity and Diversity provides equity-minded education and inclusive learning development to the WSU Vancouver campus community and beyond. With love at the foundation, the office is dedicated to creating inclusive educative opportunities for community members to thrive, build a community of equity, and disrupt the status quo of systemic oppression across policies, processes, practices, and people.