Each of the five pillars infuses equity-mindedness throughout campus. Ours is a prolonged journey of commitment, engagement and shared responsibility to expand equity on our campus. The pillars by which we will achieve WSU Vancouver’s equity and diversity objectives are:


The Office of Equity and Diversity uncovers systemic barriers and supports equity-minded strategies from recruitment to retention, matriculation to graduation, association to partnership. We provide assistance and advocacy to make equity-mindedness tangible for every employee, student, alumnus and community partner.


The Office of Equity and Diversity understands the needs of underserved and underrepresented populations. We take committed action through collaborative leadership and promotion of community partnerships for equity and social justice. This is a shared responsibility and requires full engagement. Our external and internal community partners are essential to this work and institutional commitment.


The Office of Equity and Diversity uses equity-minded inquiry and empirical strategies to meet institutional equity and diversity goals. We employ robust metrics and innovative reporting structures that ensure accountability and provide an inclusive review of how we are doing when it comes to equity and diversity.


The Office of Equity and Diversity communicates with intention. We maintain an effective, transparent and equity-minded communication strategy across campus channels because acting with equity and diversity in mind is a best practice rather than a best-kept secret. Through communication we seek to make equity and diversity visible for all students, employees, alumni and community partners.


The Office of Equity and Diversity leads campus-wide education initiatives on equity-mindedness. We create inviting, intentional and innovative learning opportunities designed to inspire and empower employees, students and alumni to create transformative, harmonious and equity-minded spaces throughout our campus.