First-generation faculty and staff

Feel free to reach out to these faculty and staff, who were first-generation college students themselves. They have volunteered to share their experiences.

Brenda Alling
Director of Marketing and Communications

Renny Christopher
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Karen Diller
Library Director

Sean Duffey
Adjunct Professor of Accounting

Eric Scott
Director for Student Development

Nikki Hinshaw
Assistant Director of Student Involvement

Connie Kim Yen Nguyen-Truong
Assistant Professor of Nursing

Dan Overbay
Academic Coordinator, College of Education

Rohny Saylors
Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

Domanic Thomas
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment

April Tovar
Financial Aid & Scholarships Manager

Catherine Van Son
Associate Professor of Nursing

Nolan Yaws-Gonzalez
Business Growth MAP Manager