Coordinating inclusive events on campus

Campus event planners are encouraged to create events and activities that reflect our campus commitment to diversity and that make individuals and communities feel included and welcomed on campus. Below are some tips to consider when planning your event!

Pre-event planning tips:

  • Include people of diverse backgrounds on your event planning committee
  • Before selecting the date of your event, consult with an interfaith calendar and research campus/community events that may conflict. Sample calendar:
  • If serving food, consider the dietary limitations of your attendees (Kosher, Halal, vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free, periods of fasting, etc…)
  • Have a plan to provide disability accommodations and language interpretation, if necessary. Build potential costs into your budget.

Marketing your event:

  • Marketing images should include people of diverse backgrounds
  • Images should be respectful of diverse backgrounds
  • Marketing should include information regarding the availability of disability accommodations and who to contact
  • Use a variety of marketing strategies
    • Web
    • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, CougSync)
    • A-Frames
    • Electronic Reader Board
    • Outreach to local diversity leaders and organizations
    • Email communication
    • Use diverse media organizations (Asian Reporter, Skanner, etc…)

During your event:

  • Use inclusive language (gender neutral language, use parents/guardians/supportive adults instead of mom and dad, etc…)
  • Include speakers that represent a variety of diverse backgrounds
  • Consider whether the content of your event is relevant to people of diverse backgrounds (race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, immigration status, gender, age, etc...)
  • Use a microphone when presenting to a crowd of 40 or more or when presenting in a large room
  • Consider using a variety of presentation techniques to be inclusive of different learning needs/styles (visual, audio, hands-on, hand-outs, group discussion, interactive, etc…)

Accessibility at your event:

  • Assure the path to and from building, entrances, and restroom accessible for people with mobility issues
  • Are handouts, food, other materials being offered accessible to those using a wheel chair
  • Be prepared to answer questions regarding the availability of ADA parking
  • Provide captioning for videos and audio descriptor for “no audio” videos
  • Offer large print handouts of Power Point presentations
  • Provide FM systems available for hard-of-hearing.
  • Make documents and presentation materials available on a website or in a follow-up email to accommodate people with vision impairment, who are blind, or who have different learning styles.
  • For more information accommodations and services available at WSU Vancouver, visit the Access Center website.
  • Sample disability accommodation language for marketing materials and/or a website

If you are a person with a disability and need accommodations for this event, please contact the event coordinator to discuss your specific needs:

Event coordinator: Jane Doe, number, email

Additional Resources for Event Planning and/or Diversity Resources