April/May—Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

WSU Vancouver observes Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and honors the rich histories, cultures and accomplishments of Asian American and Pacific Islander peoples, including WSU Vancouver students, faculty, staff and community partners. Asian American people and Pacific Islander people represent two different panethnic groups each with their own history, development, traditions and achievements including significant contributions to all aspects of U.S. and international advancement. Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, therefore, broadly celebrates and encompasses heritages from across all of Asia and all the Pacific Islands.

As the campus community celebrates this heritage month, WSU Vancouver is also dedicated to disrupting and dismantling racism, xenophobia and all forms of systemic isms and phobias, including daily microaggressions, verbal and physical forms of violence perpetrated against people form Asian, Pacific Islander, Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Native American, People of Color, LGBTQ+ and historically targeted communities.

WSU Vancouver is committed to actualizing an ethical and socially just society through an intentional commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging. There is much more to do. During this heritage month, hold space for critical reflection, conversation, advocacy and change agency. We are in this together. Throughout Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and every day beyond, let’s continue building an empowered campus community of equity-mindedness, cultural responsiveness and inclusive excellence where every campus community member feels a strong sense of agency, belonging, safety and opportunity to thrive.