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"Without the kindness of donors, I actually wouldn’t be able to go to college."

WSU Vancouver students are not "traditional" in the sense that most are older (average age 26), working their way through school and are juggling the demands of work, school and family.

More than 82% of all WSU Vancouver students receive some kind of financial aid in order to finance their education.

“My parents always told me I would have to figure it out—that college was happening, but that we could not afford it on our own. Without the kindness of donors, I actually wouldn’t be able to go to college.”

Giselle Gomez ’17

Scholarship support is vital to providing students the financial backing they need to earn their degrees.

Scholarships can be given in any amount, most start at $1,000 per year. Endowment funds begin at $25,000 and are a permanent way to support students. Donors can provide input to the scholarship criteria and many have named scholarships in recognition of a company, organization or honored individual.

“Receiving a scholarship not only helped me financially, but it also gave me the confidence to succeed. Knowing that others believed in me kept me going and held me accountable to maintaining my high GPA. Thanks to my scholarships, I feel confident to go out into the world and achieve my dreams.”

Ginille Forest ’16

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