The following committees are appointed by the chancellor to provide faculty, staff and student input on important campus issues.

Accessibility Council

Equity of Student Outcomes Council

Services and Activities Fee Allocation Committee*

Staff Excellence Committee

Strategic Plan Coordinating Council

  • Brenda Alling, Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Sherri Bennett, Chief of Staff to the Chancellor
  • Elias Cohen, Research Specialist for Campus Effectiveness
  • Jane Cote, Academic Director, Carson College of Business
  • Mel Netzhammer, Chancellor
  • Christine Portfors, Associate Vice Chancellor of Research and Graduate Education
  • Laurel Rea, Director of Enrollment
  • Sara Waters, Assistant Professor, Human Development

Student Achievement Committee

Student Success Council

  • Thabiti Lewis, Chair
  • Felix Braffith, Co-chair
  • Sawyer Barragan
  • Michael Berger
  • Debbie Blas
  • Caitlyn Bletscher
  • Sam Buechler
  • Sam Crawford
  • Narek Daniyelyan
  • Allison Drake
  • Chris Dreger
  • Isatou None Dumbuya
  • Paul Krouss
  • Anthony Lopez
  • JoAnn LoSavio
  • Wendy Olson
  • Shameem Rakha
  • Laurel Rea
  • Samantha Reisz
  • Kandy Robertson
  • George Salos
  • Eric Scott
  • Ao Wang
  • Deb Wilmington
  • Grant Williams

Student Technology Fee Committee

  • Jonathon Abbott, Student Representative
  • Micah Black, ASWSUV Senator
  • Davina Cepeda, Chair, ASWSUV President
  • Rebecca Daniels, SHS Student Representative
  • David Hill, Faculty Representative, Mathematics
  • Michael Stamper, Campus CIO, Information Technology
  • Domanic Thomas, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment