Chancellor's Award for Student Achievement

Zoe Minden

B.S., Electrical EngineeringZoe Minden

The Chancellor’s Award for Student Achievement recognizes a graduating student each academic year. The recipient is selected on the basis of academic achievement and love of learning, overcoming barriers in pursuit of academic goals, future leadership potential, involvement in campus life and other examples of achievement.

One of her professors calls Zoe Minden “a role model for women in the engineering program.” And no wonder. Her 3.93 GPA attests to the seriousness with which she approaches the subject. “She excels in all the projects she undertakes, and actively participates in all classes. She is also always earnest to learn science and new technologies,” said Professor Feng Zhao, who nominated her for the award.

She chose the challenging Renewable track and has completed the requirements for a Certification in Renewable Energy. “The renewable track opened up some career opportunities in terms of learning a different application of semiconductors,” she said. “The project side of things allowed me to learn a lot of skills that I will need in a career setting.”

During the pandemic, Minden did research with Zhao’s group. “She took initiative in her learning of research papers, carried over the research project and discussed with me and other graduate students over Zoom the research goals and progress,” Zhao said. “Her research results were the essential part of a peer-reviewed paper we published later on in a prestigious journal.”

In the summer of 2021, Minden interned at Qorvo in Hillsboro, Ore. as a data analyst. During that time, she said, “I used my opportunity to work with test engineers and technicians to observe how test programs of the circuit designs of different die and masks are developed and implemented. I worked in the die-sort engineering team and was able to advance my teamwork and communication skills.”

Beyond her academic pursuits, Minden is a typical college student. She has been involved with the Office of Student Involvement throughout her four years at WSU Vancouver, as well as student government and campus clubs, notably the IEEE student club, an association for future engineers. She was elected president of the club in her junior year, after serving as both secretary and treasurer before that. She hosted study groups through the IEEE club to engage students in club activities and connect with the community.

Minden often has a leadership role in her academic projects. “She has demonstrated leadership by motivating others to also succeed by listening to her team members, being willing to get her hands dirty, and being adaptable in unpredictable situations,” Zhao wrote.

Minden grew up in the Vancouver area and enrolled at WSU Vancouver right out of high school. She chose it in part because of the engineering program and in part because her mother was in one of the university’s first graduating classes. She plays flute and piccolo in the Clark College Orchestra and the Oregon Sinfonietta.

Her future looks promising. On May 28, she and Andrew Templin, a 2021 WSU Vancouver graduate, are getting married, and in the fall, she will begin her master’s degree program in electrical engineering at WSU Vancouver.

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