Chancellor's Award for Student Achievement

The Chancellor’s Award for Student Achievement recognizes a graduating student each academic year. The recipient is selected on the basis of academic achievement and love of learning, overcoming barriers in pursuit of academic goals, future leadership potential, involvement in campus life and other examples of achievement.

Scott Houston

B.A., Human Development

Scott Houston

Scott Houston’s passion for his subject is such that he reads not only his assigned books but also the supplemental materials. He takes advantage of every extra-credit opportunity. His work to earn high grades is manifest in his 3.95 GPA. In short, he is a model student, motivated, dedicated to his topics and taking an active part in class and group discussions.

It’s taken a lot of determination for Houston to get where he is today. As a young adult, he spent 15 years living on the streets of Longview, Wash., in and out of jail for drug possession and parole violations. “I learned a lot” from that experience, he said. “I learned how to conquer my own fears. And I learned about barriers and systemic failures that make it difficult for people to keep moving forward.”

Initially he enrolled at Lower Columbia College to earn an associate degree in welding. He also took courses in chemical dependency and drug and alcohol counseling. When he transferred to WSU Vancouver in 2021, he chose human development as his major. He has focused his research on behavioral health services for incarcerated people. “Not only are Scott’s exemplary academics at WSU Vancouver testament to his perseverance and resilience, but he leverages his past personal challenges in the passion and direction he brings to his work,” his professors wrote in nominating Houston for the Student Achievement award. “He is very motivated to be successful.”

This spring he completed his internship as a mental health specialist at CORE Health in Longview. “It allows me to float around for different opportunities in behavioral health services,” Houston said of the internship. One area where he felt he might be particularly effective was community outreach to encourage people to get services. People on the street knew him, he said. They would listen and talk to him.

Besides excelling in his coursework, Houston has been active with campus activities, including the Human Development club and OSI trips, such as skiing and camping.

As for his future, Houston is contemplating work in behavioral health services but is also interested in pursuing a master’s degree. Whatever he decides, “I want to improve people’s lives,” he said. “I want to improve my own life.”

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