Chancellor's Award for Research Excellence

The Chancellor’s Award for Research Excellence is given annually to a WSU Vancouver faculty member whose research quality and quantity are exemplary, and whose work has had a positive influence on the broader community. It is the university’s highest research honor.

Marcelo Diversi

Interim Academic Director and Professor of Human Development

Marcelo Diversi’s second book, “Betweener Autoethnographies: A Path Toward Social Justice,” was timely when published in 2018—and was even ahead of its time. It is a study of the tribal, “us vs. them” mentality that is growing increasingly prevalent worldwide. The book proposes bridging the divide through deep understanding of who we are, realization of how our subjectivity colors our views, and embrace of the spaces “in-between” individuals. That is the first step on the path toward inclusive social justice.

Diversi knows firsthand what it’s like to be treated as both “us” and “them.” In his native Brazil, he is a “white” person. In the Pacific Northwest, where he has lived for years, he is a “brown” person, an immigrant. At bus stops in this country, strangers often speak slowly to him, expecting that Diversi—who has a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois—will have trouble understanding English.

That experience gives him a unique approach to social justice. “I’m male and privileged socially,” he said, “but I have my own ways in which I experience being on the wrong side of the tracks. Even the most privileged person experiences that once in a while, and in that moment we have the opportunity to identify with others. We call for people to find those places where they themselves have been in that other situation.”

Diversi’s research interests are big, divisive political issues: immigration, refugees, decolonization, and inclusion versus exclusion. He has written two books with co-author Claudio Moreira, a fellow Brazilian who teaches at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The first was “Betweener Talk” (2009), followed by “Betweener Autoethnographies.” Both received best book awards from the National Communication Association Division of Ethnography. A highly respected scholar who has taught at WSU Vancouver since 2006, Diversi has some 27 articles in well regarded journals and more than 20 keynote presentations.

Autoethnography is a qualitative research methodology that places the self in the center of cultural analysis and interpretation. Diversi’s ultimate goal, “which is so timely in the current social climate, is to reduce the human tendency toward ‘othering’ and expand inclusivity,” a colleague wrote in nominating him.

“It’s impossible to remove the personal from knowledge creation and production,” Diversi said. “So we have nothing to lose by having a both/and approach instead of either/or.”

If everyone bought into the idea of betweeners, the world would be more harmonious. Is Diversi optimistic? Sometimes, he said. Citing theologian Theodore Parker, he added: “We have a long history, and the arc of history bends toward justice. I live and work with the hope that we can prove that idea true.”

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