Study spaces

If you know where to look, there are some very cool places to study in almost every building on campus.

COVID-19 Update: Most of these study spaces are now available. Masks should be worn in open areas.

Classroom Building

Alcove under south stairwell with markerboard is open to all students. Business students have priority in Student Success Center, Room 218.

Dengerink Administration Building

Three large open study spaces in the dining area with food and beverage options.

Engineering and Computer Science Building

Alcoves under main stairwell, on main floor at west end of lobby, and across from stairs on second and third floors are open to all students, as is group study Room 117A. Additional study spaces are for engineering and computer science students.

Firstenburg Student Commons

Large open study area with many individual and group-sized tables and comfortable chairs. Two cable HDTVs, a game room, ping pong and video games if you prefer a social environment. Plenty of space to spread out for large projects or comfort. On occasion, events will make this building unavailable for use. Signs will be posted.

Library Building

Besides open study spaces, there are four group study rooms. Two of the rooms can be reserved online. There are also work stations and a computer lab in the Library. Upstairs, study space is offered in the Writing Center with priority given to students seeking writing assistance. Another study area is in the Room 210, with priority given to nursing students.

McClaskey Building

Alcove on main floor near elevator. This study area is near the Child Development Program which is not in operation at this time.

Multimedia Classroom Building

Eleven study areas ranging from an open computer lab to individual and group study areas. They are located at the ends and middle of the building, and along the open corridor on the second floor overlooking the art labs. A private group study room is available in Room 201A.

Science and Engineering Building

Besides the natural light atrium, study spaces with marker boards can be found at east stairwell landings and ground floor. More study tables and marker boards can be found along the second floor north corridor above the mechanical engineering labs.

Undergraduate Building

Open study areas are located in the middle of the building on the first and second floors adjacent to two group study rooms. More study space is available on the ground floor near Room 1 and on the first floor near Room 100. Alcoves with chairs, tables and marker boards are near the elevator on all three floors. The Math and Science Skills Center is also available. One small room within offers quiet space, another has computers and a third is a group study room. Additionally, the third floor offers a marker-board table as well as the quiet Children’s Library (when it’s not used as a conference room).