CSEJ faculty affiliates

Biological Sciences

  • Stephen Bollens: Aquatic ecology
  • Steven Sylvester: Health effects of contaminants in drinking water
  • Judith Ann Wait: Agroecology and urban ecosystems (doctoral candidate)


  • Jerry Goodstein: Management and operations, business ethics
  • Tom Tripp: Psychology of workplace conflicts


  • Susan Finley: Educational issues associated with economic poverty and homelessness, diversity, access to education
  • Linda Mabry: Educational testing and effects on students of different income levels
  • Shameem Rakha: Racial and social injustice, cultural competence, student civic engagement
  • Katherine Rodela: Equity-oriented school and district leadership; social justice in education


  • Desiree Hellegers: Social movements, civil liberties, environmental justice, cultural and political organizing among homeless people
  • Thabiti Lewis: African American literature and African diaspora culture, popular culture and race theory
  • Meagan Lobnitz: Race, gender and identity social justice, access to education
  • Pavithra Narayanan: Economic and social policies, civil liberties, gender and globalization
  • Carol Siegel: Sexuality and gender in literature, film and contemporary music

Fine Arts

  • Avantika Bawa: Drawings and installations that respond to the site they occupy


  • Steve Fountain: Environmental history, specifically human-animal relations, Native American rights and issues, and the interactions of people and arid landscapes
  • Laurie Mercier: U.S. post-1945 social history and the intersections of social movements with American politics, economy and foreign policy
  • Sue Peabody: The law of slavery, freedom and citizenship in France in the 17th through 19th centuries

Human Development

  • Marcelo Diversi: Decolonizing scholarship, identity development in educational contexts among disenfranchised youth and families, ethnography of street youth
  • Elizabeth Soliday: Maternal-child health and pediatric health
  • Tracy Tachiera: Diversity, equity and inclusion; families in poverty; digital polarization


  • Sam Lohmann: Accessible learning materials; research practices; poetry and poetics


  • Connie Nguyen-Truong: Public/population/community health, Asian Americans, immigrants, refugees, health disparities, participatory and qualitative research

Political Science

  • Mark Stephan: The interface between citizen participation, bureaucratic politics and environmental policy


  • Tahira Probst: Occupational health and safety; the effects of organizational change on employee health, safety and well-being; workplace diversity


  • Clayton Mosher: Crime and deviance, law and society, substance abuse, drug policies, criminal sentencing, racial issues in the criminal justice system